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  • winbig33069 winbig33069 Oct 27, 2012 8:46 AM Flag

    where is the buy and hold dope????

    first of all congrats on a great day i am out of my options plus 245 % and i could of made even more second of all Ur full of crap that u have made tons of money with Ur approach cause u have never posted a wrong move...which all people know is impossible.. when stmp was slammed last earnings..if u would of bailed like i did and bought back 2 points lower (actually could of got it even lower) you would of cut ur cost basis, no matter how long you have owned it, by 20 to 40 % THATS how you make money.. protect your downside and MAXIMIZE the upside... I am starting a small short position , although I think stmp is a great company and stock.. it would be healthy for it to pull back and base while this market bumps along and to shake out some players

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    • First of all stuff your congrats. Secondly, I don't post my mistakes - just like I don't see your mom in here bragging about you.

      Healthy to pull back? Sure it would be - for shorts with their nipples still stuck in the wringer.

      You go ahead and trade - go long go short do it at the same time - maximize your upside while minimizing your downside, and then afterwards we can all go to Chucky Cheese and have our cake and eat it too.

      That's not how I've made my money though...I just Buy AND HOLD. I use TIME and COMMON SENSE as my weapons of choice, and I work hard at controlling FEAR through the use of THERAPEUTIC ANGER. I've actually patented the approach - you may have heard of it - "The Bovine Method of Investing", ie. Buy Em AND Hold Em Till The Cows Come Home. (That's me giving you another ration of the crap you so can have seconds if you want - I'm full of it as you well know.)


      It's Halloween - but I think shorty's lost his BOOOOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAAA, and will have to go as a cute little Sheeple this year - All together

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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