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  • dividend.hound dividend.hound Nov 14, 2012 4:05 PM Flag

    Nice Buying Opportunity

    This is just the time an interested trader should step in and buy. Given the news is merely about a website going down for short time, possibly due to heavy traffic, anybody selling is simply looking at good news from the wrong, very short term perspective. Traffic is a good problem to have. Web companies have occasional technical problems. It's part of doing business. It's likely they will learn from this and become more resilient.

    The huge, 10% drop is likely due to the horrible lack of liquidity in this name. Most of the shares are sitting around in institutional portfolios. I have a feeling they're not selling. They're just waiting. If you're selling today, you're panicking in a thin market and you're probably going to be sorry next week when we're back at 27.

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    • Exactly. Big Money owns most of the shares of STMP...north of 90%. Institutions aren't stupid - they weren't selling today. Sell??? Why??? Based on some trumped up technical outage. Look back at the board - this whole move was telegraphed - hell, I swear - if I could just get 4 of these chuckleheads at a poker table I wouldn't have to do this crap anymore.


      shorty/figment/Hallum - you can run chuckleheads - BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER...what's that I hear coming...oh never mind - it's just a freight train...choo choo chuckleheads.

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