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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Nov 30, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

    Nice rally towards...

    ...the end of the trading session on a good burst in volume...might bode well for tomorrow...

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    • Wasn't a rally imo. Just shorts covering everything they had shorted for the day, and snapping up what few shares the few traders still left around here tend to sell on Fridays in case the world comes to an end...

      Lucky for the shorts they've got an extra few weeks because of the reporting lag during the 4th quarter/year end reports.

      I'd expect very low volume or high volatility on a daily basis as shorty tries to unwind from a position that was pushed/held too long. Pushing a hand or two is one thing...trying to push the entire table around on a regular basis will get a player busted out eventually. I think most of the traders have either become Buy AND HOLDERS or bailed. The rest are hardcore shorts or hardcore longs. Longs have the fundamentals - shorts have price control and fear (can you say BOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAA?)

      If you trade this thing you've got some big cojones.


      Buy AND HOLD - shorty can't defend against it.

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