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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Dec 4, 2012 8:21 AM Flag

    Help Me Out Here...(OT)

    Richard Cranium Fuld gets to keep all of his bonuses for running Lehman into the ground, the SEC can't find a reason to charge him with anything, and the best the Republicans can come up with is to hammer Medicare and Medicaid/Medical Assistance to find $$$ to reduce the deficit. I'm sure all of the quadriplegics on MA won't mind "going" a few extra hours before a Home Health Aide gets there to help em take a crap and clean up...sure why not no problem - maybe we can get pre-natal care dropped too so we can get even farther ahead of Cuba in Infant Mortality Rates - at least then the 1%ers can feel like they're winning at something...maybe they should call Sheen he knows all about "WINNING".

    Republicans = Richard Cranium Fuld = Losers

    Wake up John Boehner Head while you still have a party to kowtow to.


    on second thought - Maybe the SEC should just get "disappeared" - they don't do crap anyway.

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    • Democrats and Republicans need to get Ron Paul in the drivers seat on the fiscal cliff issue.

      Pentagon spending/waste needs to be cut and cut big.

      The Medicare policy of PAYING EVERYTHING and then CHASING THE FRAUD is ridiculous - up the enforcement against Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

      And finally 1%ers who break the law need to go to prison right along side the rest of us. No comfy Federal Prisons for white collar criminals.

      Or lets just get everyone a gun and we can have another civil reinstate the Constitution of the United States of America.

      I don't know about the rest of you - 99%ers or 1%ers - but I'm getting real tired of politicians in general, so please allow me to rephrase my previous post...



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