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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Jan 20, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    Where To From Here?

    In the early years I thought PBI would have been well served to cut the #$%$ and just buy STMP for $50 a share or whatever...Now that's not gonna cut it. PBI is on the ropes as far as the meter business is concerned...not as efficient and more expensive - end of story - but it was ENTRENCHED I'll give em that...system changes suck - and on a large corporate scale really suck - but not as much as inefficiency over time - that REALLY! REALLY!! REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLY!!!!!! sucks, so STMP was bound to take a big bite out of that business over time - it's that running and hiding thing - can't do both at the same time - PBI chose to hide behind it's meter business, instead of running away from it...that's worked well for a dozen years now...but the hiding part is over, and it's too late to run.

    Why does STMP's 10 year chart have $60 written all over it? It's all coming together.

    FUNDAMENTALS - partnerships with big shippers, decent software integrations, management that knows up from down, growing sales.

    ECONOMY - or lack thereof driving the need to cut costs and improve efficiency.

    STOCK MARKET - 900,000 short shares trapped and ready for skinning, company buying shares back, high institutional ownership, a float that squeaks when it walks it's so tight, the CUP AND HANDLE chart that's been drawn by shorty and big traders from 04/06 until 08/12 when it appears the handle hit it's bottom - It's CLASSIC - no denying it, if you go in for that sort of thing - I get pretty good weather forecasts from my knee - so - to each their own.

    It's all in place and just waiting for a spark to set it off. Sheeple - we can make moves ahead of this because we are Sheeple - ie. small. Do your due diligence and tell me you don't see what I see.

    It seems that no matter which way you look at STMP, it's standing right smack dab in the center of the proverbial "sweet spot". Said it over a decade ago, been saying it ever since. Guess I was bound to be right once...and once is all it's gonna take - oh yea...(g)


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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