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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Jan 25, 2013 2:35 PM Flag


    Any chance you could get your act together? One minute posts show up the next they disappear. Thought it may be on my end, but have talked to others that have the same problem on this board as well as other boards. If it's technical ineptitude hire somebody who knows what they're doing. If it's censorship - go to North Korea - no need for that level of idiocy here.


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    • Shorty's scared.

      Settlement Date Short Interest Avg Daily Share Volume Days To Cover
      1/15/2013 827,880 122,833 6.739883
      12/31/2012 903,263 131,637 6.861771
      12/14/2012 974,165 198,272 4.913276
      11/30/2012 894,105 147,201 6.074042
      11/15/2012 941,636 225,353 4.178493
      10/31/2012 815,244 215,707 3.779404
      10/15/2012 851,831 93,189 9.140896
      9/28/2012 923,730 191,386 4.826529
      9/14/2012 819,004 160,109 5.115290
      8/31/2012 919,339 484,947 1.895751
      8/15/2012 965,394 296,565 3.255253
      7/31/2012 1,295,444 375,803 3.447136
      7/13/2012 1,514,451 165,334 9.159949
      6/29/2012 1,590,672 269,556 5.901082
      6/15/2012 1,930,568 334,708 5.767917
      5/31/2012 2,090,942 402,869 5.190129

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      • Thanks for putting up the short numbers for me. But you should know - beating somebody to the punch is only advisable if you're NOT leading with your chin. Me, I prefer to counterpunch - let the other guy create my openings for me - thank you for that.

        Hope this helps.


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      • how's it feel to be scared? You should be you know. I've watched this thing trade on a daily basis for a long time now - and if you're not scared you're really stupid.

        Between Dec. 31, 2012 and Jan. 15, 2013 - 9 trading days you managed to cover a whopping 75,000 shares or about 8,400 a day. At that rate you should be covered in about 99 TRADING days. Better mark your calendar chuckles - that's a ways out and I think you need to keep looking for that light at the end of the tunnel, just so that fear doesn't turn into panic.


        Sheeple - Buy AND HOLD - that light figment's looking at the other end of the tunnel is the one on the front of the Fundamental Freight Train that's been picking up steam for quite a while...if you need proof - check out STMP's metrics on their home page. Revenue growth, EPS growth, gross and net margins, it's all there. Lot's of cool stuff unless, of course, you're a big short - then it probably has begun to cause a few nightmares.

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    • Maybe Yahoo! is in on the short conspiracy.

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      • At the moment two of my replies to you are not showing up. That and the fact that the Merriam-Webster lists "yahoo" as a synonym for "chucklehead" - yea... yea... it's all coming together now...especially since I quit taking my meds... You came back and you're just a figment of my imagination - you told me so - remember?

        You never said - so how's the covering going? Hasn't been with any of my shares - you sure did try though...had to be frustrating - you being you, and me being a Sheeple and all. Gotta say, the most intriguing part of this last year was the margin call I got last August before it even posted to my account. Now that's an impressive use of clout - getting a retail broker to strong-arm their own client 2 hours before the market even closes with a margin call that hadn't even posted to the account because the trading day that created it wasn't even over yet.

        Now that's impressive. But, you know what's even more impressive?

        The square footage of the floor your behind is about to mop.


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      • you might want be onto something there with the Yahoo/chucklehead conspiracy theory.

        If you Google "chucklehead" and open the Merriam-Webster Online definition of "chucklehead" you'll see "yahoo" listed as a synonym, so it kinda makes sense - in a "crazy person off their meds" sort of way. (g)

        Gonna hang and trade insults for a while or are ya busy today?


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      • I knew if I quit taking my meds my buddy fig would come back...

        So how goes the covering chuckles?


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