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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Apr 4, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

    A Sheeple Stock If I've Ever Seen One!

    Big shorts would like to cover, but they can't twitch because it'll bring out the big guns on the other side of the equation trying to beat them to the punch...shorty's not the only one with nano-second computer programs.

    Big Longs probably wouldn't mind grabbing a few more shares down here at these prices either, but they can't twitch because if they do the short's will pull the trigger and everyone will pay more - a lot more - in a big hurry.

    So, all the big money if forced to slow play their hands - but not the Sheeple. A hundred shares here a hundred shares there - do it for a decade - OR TWO (why do I get the feeling fig just wet himself?), and voila you too can make up a nickname and say stupid stuff on a message board, and wait for the GREED to become unbearable, cause it will...this is just too sweet of a deal.

    Jab jab jab Sheeple - that's how you kick the #$%$ outa short little bullies...


    Buy AND HOLD - I just did - say "bye bye" one hundred more times shorty...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • stamps seems like dead money, no upside and more downside. earnings very disappointing

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      • The only thing dead around here is the volume. Traders certainly aren't getting rich.

        If I were a trader I'd stay away too...why put one's self between a rock and a hard place if you don't have to. Long's have always been in a hard place with STMP - low float makes it easy for shorty to put his size 15EE on the back of our necks whenever he feels like it - price control is a nice tool to have in the bag. But just because you can change the price doesn't mean you can buy the stock...

        Supply - real supply - not borrowed shares - that's a nice tool to have in the box as well. The only time I really need to open that box is to try and cram more shares into it, and at these prices I've seriously considered upgrading to the next bigger box.


        Buy AND HOLD

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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