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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Apr 29, 2013 8:34 AM Flag

    Pretty Quiet re STMP's BLOWOUT QUARTER!!

    Only story generated from last quarters results on the street appears to be the lone article on the Fool website, and I quote the author quoting McBride, and then layering on the caution... " "We are seeing record setting performances across many of our financial and key customer metrics." With the stock blasting through its 52-week high today, and trading at a still-lofty price-to-sales of 3.5, however, I'd wait for some of the excitement to fade before buying into that bull talk."

    Not sure what "bull talk" he's referring to - cause so far after the earnings it's just you and me buddy, and I don't count - I'm nuts - ask figment - he'll vouch for me.

    So why so quiet. When STMP stumbled on revenue last quarter there were quite a few "mentions" of it on the web...but when they blow it out - one lone dissenter warning everyone to be wary of the bull talk, and the main financial news outlets ignore it. Why?

    Simple - everyone wants it, but nobody wants to pay too much for it - SO KEEP IT DOWN THE SHEEPLE MIGHT HEAR YA!!!

    chuckleheads - Manipulate the relatively good news into a negative (last quarter), and now totally ignore BLOWOUT NEWS (this quarter).

    So much for a free press - BOUGHT AND PAID FOR (a long time ago). Whose the high bidder today boys - who gets to "make" the news today? Go to China losers they've got a system specifically designed for you.


    Buy AND HOLD - STMP's price isn't the only thing manipulated.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Ok. perhaps that was a bit harsh - it's Monday - still cold - Melons cranky - I'm cranky.

      Looked back at last quarter's "news" articles re STMP, and realized that perhaps the purveyors of facts are just afraid of being totally "wrong" again. Being "right" on the street appears to be the only thing that really counts, and for a company with a very tight float that means not missing on any metric or the shorts will descend in droves...and last quarter STMP stumbled on revenue when Amazon began offering a competing postage solution brokered directly with the USPS, so every writer who (like me thought STMP would blow out last quarter) was "wrong" - even though the company did just fine albeit with a revenue hiccup - but it was a hiccup - not a coronary.

      So, perhaps the "silence" from the street is simply fear of being wrong. Well then quit making predictions and start reporting, discussing, dissecting FACTS. Talk about short sellers and their effect on companies like STMP, report volume of shares traded discuss possible implications of the recent lack of it, talk about charts - DO SOMETHING.

      Just sitting on your hands instead of letting them tap your keyboards makes you look like your part of the manipulation - so get off your hands - and report some facts.


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