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  • tolickorclick tolickorclick Jan 9, 2014 9:44 AM Flag

    So I was thinking the other day...

    (I'll give ya a minute to regain your composure...)

    What happens when the dark pool springs a leak? Or the water just dwindles due to evaporation, ie. share buy-backs and what-not? I dunno bout the rest of you but I kinda like to know how deep the water is before I go diving in head first or even jumping in feet first for that matter.

    I'm thinking perhaps the water in STMP's dark pool is getting a little shallow at both ends - but what the hell do I know...

    Happy diving chuckleheads. I've got a nice seat in the bleachers for the next year or two - just gonna kick back and watch the show - jabbing as needed.


    btw - wear a helmet if you're gonna dive into this dark pool - it's getting shallower by the minute...

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    • Gotta love the's the covering going fig? Last I looked you chuckleheads had started digging again - keep trying to tell ya - when you're in a hole - digging it deeper really doesn't help that much.

      Dig faster - maybe that'll help.

      btw - What's with the FTDs last month...sure hope you clowns aren't shorting sans shorts - but come to think of it - I'd probably GIVE you some shares if you'd just put some clothes on...shorts are irritating enough - naked shorts are downright repugnant.


      Buy AND HOLD - let the chucklehead longs give up their shares to the chucklehead shorts, ie. don't be a chucklehead.

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