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  • play_crowd play_crowd Feb 1, 2001 6:50 PM Flag

    Another fed induced market swing..

    Another fed induced market swing..

    So they meet again and once more the market goes crazy around the rate meetings. Add in the mass layoffs at AMZN and no wonder the after hours market is hoppin' too.

    These after market trades are a great indicator of what the next trading day will be like.

    For those who don't know, after hours trading is simply the pairing of buyers and sellers after the markets' close.

    It is a great option as sometimes late news, market swings etc. can cause the after market to be really wild.... huge price swings, crazy buying and selling and so on. Frenzies, panics, even insider buying.

    This is a resource you want to keep in your bookmarks for a day when news came out that you want to react to immediately.

    Just re-type the web address in or simply cut and paste.

    What's tomorrow gonna be like for STMP

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