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  • kick_lamb kick_lamb Feb 11, 2001 12:53 PM Flag

    Using large sellers as indicators...

    Using large sellers as indicators...

    Wouldn't it be nice to know who has the biggest piece of the company's stock?

    Now you can find out online through a great free service.

    Would it make a difference to you if a large fund or institution had just taken a position? What if Microsoft were to buy some stock in a little tech start-up you follow?

    How about a Warren Buffet or the like accumulating your little OTC baby? (well, maybe he's not the best example)

    In the inverse, what if they decide to sell? It might be nice to know if one entity has enough stock to crush the market with sales if they choose to do so.

    What I'm saying is, why not keep an eye on who's got the big chunks of a publicly traded company? Can't hurt to know.

    You can access the free data through a great link:

    Get a head start on STMP

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    • should look into sueing the U.S. Postal Service!! At issue should be if the postal service misrepresent the potential market size to stamp?

      Also, why hasn't the postal service stepped in and called off PBI? Doesn't the postal service control the mail in this country? They should have been more proactive in protecting their own licensing programs!!!

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