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  • mtgfriendofman mtgfriendofman Dec 30, 2013 12:31 PM Flag


    you're sucking wind - what say you?

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    • be Kind - here's what he said when the shares were 30% higher - he's probably down even more. Not sure why he wanted to know how many shares I'd buy at $7.50 (the offer only stands for a month or if the December loss is more than $1). He Said "seems cheap" - he is a loser. wonder why he'd call me names?

      what does it take for someone to care about this company?
      by bearjew73•Oct 10, 2013 3:30 PMFlag

      Seems cheap. I wonder what the fully ramped up and leased out dividend run rate looks like? Lets just buy this this, liquidate it and take the NAV discount home. See if Carl wants a piece.

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      • yes i am sucking a little wind...its actually my worst position of the year. shame, shame, but its only money. back in october, when i said it sounded cheap, i did believe that. i even think that the stock is cheap today, based off of public documents. the wind down cost more than i expected. i'm surprised that the unwind of the lease was as expensive as it was, especially since midtown property rents have increased since they put on the lease. now, i'm a hack like you...who else would be killing their time on site like yahoo finance, but i do not come out with silly statements like i'd be a buyer at 7.50. show me some of the math that gets you to a $9-10 liquidation value today and why you think it'll go even lower in the future. if you end up being right, more power to have more knowledge of these situations than me. i seem to think that most of the wind down is completed and i hope that the end is rather soon. at this point i don't wish to add additional exposure as a risk management decision, but since you're the great analyst, i'd be quite grateful for reasons to pare down my exposure and take my hick me. thanks and hope you had a glorious new year's eve...