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  • melissajsiegel melissajsiegel Sep 15, 2011 7:43 PM Flag

    Im new at this

    Several months ago I purchased a lot of this stock upon advise and my own due diligence. I purchased at 21.00. Im now very worried that I may have made a mistake. Can anyone intelligently advise me why Coal is not doing better, why JRCC has taken such a fall, and if I should get out just to preserve what I have left? Some of you that post here seem very smart and have made accurate predictions. Thank you!

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    • Man, oh man. Junion Jackson you must be stupid for spending hours looking through my other message boards. Why don't you find yourself a job instead of collecting food stamp. It looks like you have a lot of time on your hands.

    • Again, All Coal Stocks are Down. Look at Arch, Peabody, and Patriot. ALL are down. Coal is down due to manufacturing and the need for steel down. It takes lots of coal to make steel. When need for steel is down, yes coal will be down. Man your Stupid.
      Here are a few post by Moob the Boob:
      On COMV Forum "This POS is flushed down the toilet faster than anything I have seen. "
      On TKLC Forum "What is wrong with garbage today? The market is powerful today and almost everything is up, but guess what this POS is down like always. "
      On RDN Board "RDN is just getting killed while MTG is down only 1 cent."
      On Central European Distribution Corp. board "This POS, garbage company should be eliminated from the face of this planet. Really , really disappointed with this filt.
      You are a Whinner!
      And I figured out Why.
      "Oh boy, glad took the money out and put in jrcc yesterday. "
      You bought JRCC on August 12th @ $12.71 and your crying because your down $3.00 per share?
      Stock trading 101: Stocks don't always keep going up. There are Up's and Down's in the market. You have to Suck it up and hold your shares. JRCC will be up soon enough and Moob you will be happy then and can quit whinning. :( So turn that frown upside down and you will be fine. :)
      I'm in at $11 and holding. You need to grow a set of balls and suck it up. I noticed some of your trading on the other boards.
      Man you pick some sucky stocks. From some of your stocks on the other message boards, you would be better off to take your money to Vegas and put it on 7 black. Atleast you would have a little fun loosing your money. You might want to get out of stock trading. Think about it.
      Not trying to be a Smart A$$, just trying to be helpful.

    • garyan Sep 19, 2011 5:27 AM Flag

      Hi ... may I make a suggestion ... in your developing your trading skills, study up on the use of options as hedging instruments. I currently have what I would term an overall 'short position' on JRCC using a mix of shares, (protective) long LEAP puts (and I am selling front month calls to make extra cash).
      I have found this form of trading to be much more satisfying in respect to the fact that I don't have to get it exactly right as to sp direction which helps me sleep better at night! This is a bit of an over-simplification but hope it helps. All the best

    • I agree, never buy or sell stocks on what others say.
      You will take a beating if you bought at $21 and sell now.
      I would hold and see what happens in the next few months.
      Coal Stocks are down because Manufacturing is down. It takes Coal to make Steel. The Economy is down, manufacturing is down, thus coal stocks are down. But, we sell a LOT of Coal to India and China. So even if the USA economy is down, atleast we have China and India to fall back on. That's what's going to let the Coal Stocks bounce back quicker and higher. I would hold and see how it plays out in the next 4 months. Don't let others on here Scare you into selling. There are a lot of Short Sellers on this forum who Love to play on fear and try and get people to sell. Ignore them. I can't see loosing $10 per share when JRCC has already hit it's 52 week low a few weeks ago. It's been Slowly going up from there, Slowly but going up. I would hold and not take a $10 loss.

    • Psychologically, it's difficult for investors to sell an investment with a loss. Often they prefer to wait until the investment at least gets back to a break-even level. However, that may never happen or may take a long time to do so. The best approach is to forget about the past and ask yourself: "Would I make this investment today?" If the answer is no, it's time to sell and invest the proceeds elsewhere.

      I am holding and bought more, but you should never buy or sell stocks on what others think