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  • moobyet moobyet Sep 18, 2011 6:00 PM Flag

    Im new at this

    Don't listen to all the hype from our junior jackson. The only thing he says that the stock will do good , but the reality is as Dow went up 100 to 200 points almost everyday for the last week or so we were getting closer to multi year low. I am not short and stuck myself with this stock, but the reality is this stock is performing extremely weak in a strong market days.

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    • Moob speaks again.
      Ignore this fool!
      All Coal Stocks are Way down from what they were 2 months ago.
      JRCC will be back just like all the rest in a few months.
      I also own PCX and it bounces back and forth like JRCC.
      Don't let MOOB the BOOB trick you into selling on fear.

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      • Ha ha ha. Are you the joke of the day? Why are you trying so hard so people can lose money. Let them decide by looking at the stock performance. Are we hitting low everyday or are we rocketing to the moon. It is what it is. Face the reality and look at the stock price yourself and don't listen to this junior. Hey junior go watch Tom and Jerry , your favorite show. It fits your age.