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  • cashbar1 cashbar1 Jan 14, 2012 10:10 AM Flag


    PCX, JRCC, ACI... will be double the share price they are today. PCX $16, JRCC $15, ACI $30... Beginning in July you will see the demand for coal recover. Why? First of all, the EU situation should have bottomed and a REAL recovery begin. The cutbacks in coal production NOW will create an even bigger demand LATER. Especially with a recovering economy. I think the first half of this year we will be on a very bumpy, sometimes, wild ride. But like Warren Buffet says, "When everyone is fearful, TIME TO BUY."

    Hey, there's nothing wrong with being able to double your investment within a year or two at most! Today JRCC saw $6.61. Probably will re-visit 52 week lows of $5.41 by end of March. PCS saw $7.77. Probably will revisit 52 week lows in the mid to high $6 range also end of March. ACI hit $13.91. Probably will revisit 52 week low of $13.09 or lower again end of March.

    Bought a little today of each and will continue to buy a little more on every dip. My goal is to have 15,000 shares of PCX avg around $7.50, 30,000 shares of JRCC avg around $7-$7.25 [bought some other shares in the Fall too high so will avg down], and 15,000 of ACI around $13.75 [bought a little too high today, $14.75]. In April expect QE3 and watch stocks catapult. That will be the beginning of another Bull run and that's why I can see how some analysts are predicting 1500 on the S&P. Double by this time next year [29% in Capital Gains taxes (Fed & State) instead of 47%] and I'll see around $560K [less $157k to the gov't] and I walk away with around $400K in profits! My thinking makes sense. Study the history of how coal has been effected by the economy and other factors [review Yahoo's "historical prices"] and you'll see we've been here before 4 other times since 2000!! And each time within 12-18 months, coal has recovered sometimes 2,3,4 times and more where it was trading when it reached the bottom. But I'm only talking about doubling my money. And to double your money even if it takes a year and a half, or even two years!?? Slam dunk!!! What do you think about what my trading strategy? I want to know!!

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