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  • cadmium_telluride cadmium_telluride Aug 9, 2012 2:02 PM Flag

    Too Dangerous To Sell JRCC!

    Folks, hold on to your JRCC shares, and try to buy more on the next dip.

    YOu never know whether JRCC goes up 10% or down 10% tomorrow. But one thing I do know is:

    Too Dangerous To Sell JRCC!

    Because once you sold, there is a big chance you are sold for gold and you never get a good opportunity to get back in, for a variety of reasons:

    1. The JRCC shares chould continue to rally and never come back to the price you sold. You keep waiting for a good re-entry price but it never comes back to the price.

    2. The JRCC shares might indeed come back down to below where you sold. But you wanted to get a bit lower and keep waiting. Or you have been gambling some where else and got stuck with the other position so you could not buy back. And then it will not wait for you and continues to rally up without you.

    You are looking at an opportunity to buy some shares at $2.50, and turn them into $60 shares in less than a year. How could you afford to lose the opportunity entirely?

    Just do NOT sell any JRCC shares. Hold on!

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    • You guys sold?

      Thinking that a recent rally from $2.17 to $3.40 is all that JRCC will ever deliver? Think again.

      I am holding my JRCC shares firm, all the way to $60 or $80 per shares. If you sold, likely have bought those shares. You are not going to see them again until $60 per shares.

      Do NOT swing trade away your hard earned opportunity to make huge profits. There will always be ups and downs. But where are those fold who sold at $1.68, or those folks sold at $2.17 after the election? They never get a chance to buy back because they are unwilling to lose money in the bad swings they made.

      Hold your shares firm! No one expect every day is an up day. But no one succeed in making money in swing trades.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I said so today. All those of you who sold yesterday thinking JRCC went up to far too fast, now what do you do today that JRCC is up another 10%?

        Hold your shares. Do NOT sell. I don't whether it is going to fall or rise tomorrow. No one knows. All I know is I don't care about tomorrow, I care that JRCC will get to $60 in 10 months. So why give up your shares to some one else now?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Didn't I tell you guys it is too dangerous to sell JRCC?

      Once you sold, it is unlikely you get a chance to get back on board.

      Today, JRCC has exactly the same number of outstanding shares as it had on August 9, when JRCC was at $2.52. But the share price has doubled. Lots of new comers. Where do they get the shares? They got the shares that some one sold them at $2-0ish and $3-ish. Those people who sold those shares cheap obvious has not come back, because some one else now hold those shares. What a pity!

      Hold your JRCC shares firm for big long term profit. Mean while, be sure to buy some ACI and ANR.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Didn't I tell you guy it was TOO DANGEROUS to sell JRCC at single digits?

      Once you sold at $1.68 or $1.75, then you find you have to pay $2.50 or $2.95 to buy back the shares. If you sold at $3.50 just a few days ago, how would you know that JRCC would surge to $5.0 and any price in the $3-ish has become history!!!

      Let me tell you that I did NOT foresee that JRCC could surge to $5.00 so fast and so furious. It is completely beyond my expectation.

      But I did know one thing: IT WAS TOO DANGEROUS TO SELL JRCC.

      Once you sold, some one else had your shares, and you can not buy back at any price you like.

      Let me once again re-iterate that JRCC can go to $60 per shares. So far, every prediction I made about the coal sector, ultimately is proven right and I was proven still on the conservative side. So hopefully the $60 price target within one year, is also too conservation. It may take less than a year and it may break even higher than $60.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • How many times do I have to tell you guys that it is expected that JRCC could go up or down in any given day. But the important thing is just do NOT sell. Once you sell, it quickly goes up without you.

      Some one said he sold at $2.75. He is waiting for $2.55 to buy back. You know what, while he is waiting, JRCC will go to $3, and then $4, and then $5, he will never get a chance to buy back his shares.

      Good riddance of the weak hands.

    • If you sold JRCC below $2.00, or below $2.25, or below $2.50, or below $2.70, too bad!

      Sayo Nara!

      JRCC is going to $60 per share. There will be ups and downs on the way. But the rally will be without your participation, since some one took your shares that that some one is holding the shares firm.

    • Let me remind every one that selling JRCC is dangerous.

      There will always be up and down days on JRCC's rally to $60. I never said it only ever goes up and never goes down.

      But in practice, whose who sold, are going to have a hard time buying back at prices they like. Most likely than not, once you sold, you are out, unless you are willing to pay extract just to get back on board.

      So just hold your shares firm. Don't sell.

    • Not talking about his masculinity. Who knows or cares what makes that guy tick. He was in my trash can for the longest time for being one of the most retarded pumpers on the pcx board and I only took him out the last couple of months when a few posters started to really rag on him.

      You can use what ever "word" you like but if he was going to apologize to anyone, he would have done so already. NONE of those pumpers and board manipulators on the pcx board apologized for ANY of their BS INCLUDING that douchebag that rants about the pcx BK on this board. He was one of the biggest pumpers on the pcx board from $10. and now he's obsessively ranting on about tohelluride. GO FIGURE!! These boards are just a joke and should be treated as such.

      Don't expect too much from these yahoo message board posters and you won't be disappointed as often.

      It's going to be a very interesting MOED tomorrow.

    • bigger_longer_screen_name bigger_longer_screen_name Aug 16, 2012 2:32 PM Flag

      I don't think it has anything to do with his masculinity. I think it has to do with his misplaced arrogance. He writes these articles like he wants to be someone he wants people to actually care what he thinks. His Seeking Alpha bio says he has a "scientific research" background before he went in to IT. Probably got washed out of a grad program somewhere and had to fall back to the help desk. His articles read like someone desperate to overcome their failures in life.

    • JRCC is still $57.41 away from my price target. It is still way too early to sell. It is irresistably cheap not to buy more.

      How often do you get to see a stock go up 30 fold, fro below $2 to above $60, and hop0efully within one year? It is happening.

    • One issue with what you are saying: the management basically took bk off of the table in their conference call. Do u feel u know more than the management at this time?

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