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  • blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 1, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    Feels like it will take forever

    for the reduced natgas well count to take effect on natgas production. Production was still slowly moving up back in November per the EIA monthly production report on Jan31. If there is not a dropoff in the next three months I may dump my JRCC long.

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    • hang tight, next tues aci will report, today finally the KOL is finally moving up and jrcc follows....if we get any volume at all it will move up 25% or more in one day...lets hope we all make some coin next week...tired of watching paint dry too! good luck

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      • Oh I'm hanging tight for now. Like I said, if the natgas ball doesn't get rolling in 3 more months the window on JRCC survival will start to close a bit more. Not worth the risk at that point IMO, but I will still stay long coal via low risk BTU and higher risk MTL. Russian banks have repeatedly shown their willingness to back MTL... no such protection here for JRCC it seems.