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  • blasterncommander blasterncommander Apr 3, 2013 9:17 AM Flag

    Thoughts on JRCC

    Bought on a friend's recommendation @ $6.00. Not a big position, just 1000 shares. Have my regrets that I didn't do more DD on this. Right now, I see whatever is left of this as a call option w/ no expiration... well until it goes bankrupt... lol

    Listened to the transcript and it's a joke how they kept talking upbeat about export to China and India while JRCC doesn't export to those countries yet.

    Here are some of the risk affecting coal:
    1) Substitutes - low natural gas price
    2) EPA - coal is a big polluter. NG is cleaner
    3) High debts - capital intensive industry
    4) Low demand for steel - Met coal, used in steel production, not in demand as Chinese manufacturing on an ebb

    1) Economic rebound - so far, doesn't seem to affect coal
    2) Export to China and India - JRCC doesn't export to these countries yet
    3) Inflation - more money printing will increase commodity prices - so far, this hasn't happened yet

    What are your thoughts on this?