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  • fedpumperq3 fedpumperq3 Aug 14, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    Sprouts is the deal and that's why their stock keeps moving higher

    That is where you want to be in SFM for when it trades back above $40.00 and heads to $45.00+, when NGVC try's to play catch up and side kick.

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    • Sprout's stores are filthy.

    • It's Sprouts that has to catch-up due to their EPS of .22 and NGVC's .42, not to mention SFM's almost half billion in debt (after cash is subtracted). Ngvc has no debt and they're smaller with rapid growth. Good combo, that's the only way I bought with such a PE. Sector rank: NGVC, TFM, SFM, then WFM.

    • Sprouts has low prices...but is far less profitable than Whole Foods. And they have massive debt. When they have a huge number of stores...they will make money...but it will take three times as many stores to make the same profit as Whole Foods..

    • NGVC has been a much better investment. Unless you were part of the group of initial big investors that bought into Sprouts it hasn't gone anywhere but sideways since it went public. I think you'll be seeing it come down at some point and up in the long run. It's also a different market and approach than NGVC. I think both will be good investments over the years, but NGVC has done nothing but rise since it opened in the teens. Not so with Sprouts, which has an wild P/E ratio.

    • Sprouts portrays a Cheap Whole Foods as their model. NGVC competes directly with Whole Foods Head To Head in their competing territories. NGVC sells more food, and 300% more supplements than Whole Foods which is where WFM really makes money. Remember NGVC used to be Call VITAMIN COTTAGE for over 30 years. Vitamin Cottage is 20 years older than Whole Foods, or even Alfalfa's when is the Alfalfa's IPO by the way. The last Alfalfa's was sold to WHOLE FOODS go figure. You do get that right. Vitamin Cottage NGVC's old name Is over 30 years older than Sprouts, and 20 years older than WFM. Maybe olde,r Vitamin Cottage is around since the 1960's. Mrs. Isely presiding. The kids have taken the gold mine public.

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