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  • zmanj_54 zmanj_54 Mar 30, 2012 8:55 PM Flag

    salt & pepper please

    will need condiments when i eat my words

    nice announcement ........ trading volume still very low for a company with over 120 million shares outstanding

    makes you wonder how stock could trade under $1 and then have a company walks up with big bucks to buy stock at $1.30?

    the way things leak out in this world ....... amazed that there were no arbs out there buying ..... this deal was either kept under very close wraps or ..... the pump and dump is on.

    still a sceptic ..... but less so than a week ago.

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    • although your points are valid, the same apply to practically the entire sector. So, I am to assume that your numerous postings are driven by your pure and altruistic soul? Intended to help save us all.

    • i know that there are risky investments .... i have many forecasts and resource development forecasts that were new carried out and that weren't worth the paper they were written on ....... and.....from your previous post i know that jr types like to show up after the fact on these boards and with 20/20 hinddignt ...... modestly imply how smart they are.

      a week ago I was pouring over company forecasts and questioning underlying assumptions and the timing for key developments (completion of EIS.....BLM acceptance of plant operatinal plan ...... timing for initiation of first production....ramp up of plant production and full scale operations/sales).....nothing of late to move up any of these time lines .....from reading recent releases appears that EIS approval and construction of plant behind original target dates with plant not completed by end of next year?


    • again..u r an you know anything? I mean a n y t h i n g about junior resource companies? or the current market?

    • I am also wondering why the stategic investors have paid $1.30 per share when it is currently trading at .90 per share. This investment of 40 million is a very good sign though and gives IC Potash one of the largest cash positions of any potash junior. I wouldn't be too worried about this stock being a scam, I know it trades on the pink sheets in the US, but here in Canada it trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange. I am planning to buy right away Monday morning based on the logic that if their strategic investors are willing to pay $1.30 per share, the share price should move up alot over the next week. Just my opinion though. Good luck.

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      • announcement of money coming in a good sign ...... after i looked at company forecasts appears that the key point is acceptance of EIS by BLM.

        EIS acceptance precedes:
        1) conversion of prospecting licenses into production licenses
        2) begin s mine/plant construction (2yr process),,,,

        You Canadians should count your blessings .....Toronto exchange trading no comparison to the haircuts and games played trying to buy down here off pink sheets

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