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  • job_xxxv_16 job_xxxv_16 Jun 15, 2011 4:51 PM Flag

    Price Change % Math

    If last night's close was $14.75, and today's close was $13.13, isn't that a change of -11 rather than -3% as Yahoo! shows? Is this new math?

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    • elvisbeatlesfan is right. It went ex-dividend today (the 15th). Here's how the math works on the x-date: "For example, a stock that pays a dividend of fifty cents per quarter and trades at $10.00 on the last trade of the day before the ex-dividend date will then have that closing price adjusted down at the open the next trading day (the ex-dividend date) to $9.50. The fifty cent dividend is no longer available to buyers on the ex-dividend date, so that amount is deducted from the stock's price. Theoretically, and indeed commonly in practice, the stock will not open at exactly $9.50, because market forces may drive the price higher or lower, but in any case, the dividend-adjusted price of $9.50 will remain as the basis upon which the daily change is calculated. If, for example, the opening price is $9.00, the daily change at that point will be down $.50. Indeed the price is a full dollar less than the closing price of the previous day, but because of the adjustment for the dividend, in reality the value has changed only fifty cents."

      That's from

    • I believe it went Ex-dividend today

13.20+0.05(+0.38%)Feb 12 4:01 PMEST