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  • nicollefogartywj0013 nicollefogartywj0013 May 8, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    These analysts are all over OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd.


    Have you seen this trend for OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd.

    This is a big change for OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd.


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    • Shut up.


      • 2 Replies to malum_secutum
      • My Dear Malfunctionum Insecuritum,You have to be on the 1 beacon payroll. in the propergander unit,no doubt. Pleae ask yourself the following questions. 1) stock is down 20% including diviends when the over all market is up 20%. 2) The classic car deal expires next April. That is now 25% of their business. I have not heard or read anything about an extension.3) I don't want to appear crass, but there is a reason i got out. True, with reinvested dividends, i made a little $$. A person I did the audit with 7 or 8 years ago works there. No morale,real chuckle heads running the company. everybody knows that the end is near or else they will merge with St Paul. In any event, the entire company will soon be located in Mn. The profits that they have shown in the past had more to do with selling companies rather than sound business acumen. On occasion,you do make some sense. This is not one of them. If you are not part of the 1 beacon propergander team, sell. If you are I hope you lose everything. Best regards Hugh.

      • Very good Mikey,stock is up in a down market 2 days in a row.We should give you another 13 million bonus. The analysts are all over 1 beacon because they know Mikey is going to sell the ocean marine unit.

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