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  • snogreen snogreen Jun 13, 2012 9:53 AM Flag

    extra divvy

    I wish WTM wouldn't do that to OB. OB already pays taxes on corporate income. Then when they pay a large special dividend, it is taxed again at the State and Federal level. I'd rather see OB GROW their specialty business, which will increase BV..and increse share price. OB already pays a too rich 6.25% dividend. OB has a good group of niche specialty companies. Grow them and we are better served, IMO. warren Buffet grew his insurance companies fabulously....and increased BV and share reinvesting in the business and not taking double taxed dividends.

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    • OB isn't supposed to grow. It's supposed to be looted. That's what it was designed for. You have no idea what you have invested in, and I use the term 'invested' in the most ironic manner conceivable. You should not be allowed to handle your own money and should shut up.

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      • duhhh....if OB was designed by WTM to be "looted", then WTM is pretty dumb, and they aren't. It can look like WTM is "overzealous" in snaring large dividends from OB. But you are factually wrong. Should you be managing your own money? because if WTM "over loots" from OB, then OB becomes a weaker company. If OB becomes a weaker company, the share price will decline. And WHO LOSES if the OB share prices declines?????? duhhhhhh WTM, since WTM owns alnot 80% of the shares of OB.

        So, silly, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If WTM "loots" too much of OB, the shares will decline. I think WTM owns about 72,000,000 shares of OB. So if OB declines (by looting) $1, WTM loses $72 million. If OB drops $2, WTM loses $144,000,000. If OB drops $3, WTM loses $216,000,000.

        You get the drift, "El Dopo"?? WTM is overzealous, but they aren't "looting" the company. That would be penny wise and pound foolish

        I'd rather see if WTM coudl sell OB and get close to 1.5x book. We saw what happened to WTM shaes when they sodl Esurance. Selling OB woudl be even BIGGEr to WTM share price.

    • Snogsta, T Mike Is no Warren Buffet. Nor Jimmy Buffet.Nothing but a fat buffoon

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