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  • mtwolfguy mtwolfguy Oct 23, 2012 4:48 PM Flag

    Malfartinum is the Tally

    Hugh baby you are a loser repeat a loser1. Haven't found a job yet since OB canned your fanny. Bummer!

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    • Outside of the audit i did 7 or 8 years ago, i never repeat never have worked for this POS company. My girl friend just left because the situation basically s&cks. Management has their head very well inserted, worker morale has hit an all time low. even charging for coffee now. T Mike and Dan Hendy constantly preaching how wonderful they are. Even flaunting it. MTCATGirl, never been unemployed in my life. Unlike the staff that remains there, they soon will be. These people are criminals and belong in jail. What really gets me is that you and Mal baby are constantly running off at the mouth about what a great company it is. GReat if you want to lose everything but until this week from IPO on, down 20% when over all conditions are up 20%. They are the criminal element personified. Maybe Mike Moore or Oliver Stone will do a documentary on it someday. I expect to see you there. Loser

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