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  • hopeful200 hopeful200 Jul 12, 2013 2:22 AM Flag

    Fed threw a curve ball...

    for those that jumped hastily on the short gold bandwagon. You knew it was going to happen...but gold was falling apart. Now what? Neil already said that he didn't want to see gold stay under 1200 or 1250, I think it was. Well, it sure did not do what I'd call "stay" when it fell below 1200. The market will react, IMO, to the QE in the foreseeable future. It reacted a bit today for the big gold companies....and some of the little ones....CGR was not among those that reacted well. I think some shorts were guarding their turf here today and, as another stated earlier, maybe we got some capitulation that is about to put in a very hard bottom....and I think gold is going to head back up....and I think any shorts are going start covering like crazy....and I think CGR is going to react violently when it starts back up. Finally, there's a lot of "thoughts" expressed in my post and I's just my humble opinion. Opinions are not worth a whole lot.

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    • Hay whats it like to lose so much money? and you are still talking like your the big money maker here. you don't know sh1t about investment!

    • LOSER, still pretending like he's making money here

    • Yeah, I'll buy more CGR shares when the stock heads lower, it looks like it wants to break 20 cents, and the company will survive and actually thrive when the price of gold finally takes off, all JMO, not worth a whole lot, but there you go.

      I like cheap gold stocks, bought more MEAOF yesterday, under ten cents seems like a good buy on that one, and they got even worse management than CGR, somehow that makes me feel better about Claude. I think it survives, but it is priced like it won't.

      BRD is my favorite, they mine a lot of gold, announce positive drill results on a regular basis, and they have been really beaten up of late. BRD is worth buying on dips. Like CRCUF too, trades for about ten cents. Lot of cheap gold stocks out there. SHVLF is another, got some of it too. So if you are fed up with Claude and how dismal its stock performs, sell some of it and buy another, they are all priced to buy...

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      • I would not touch Brigus. Forget it. It is not only a dangerous stock - it is too expensive for the money. But I watch it too. Every day. If I were to stay short a miner - I'd most probably short something like Brigus. But Starcore is interesting. I have it on my radar since last year. I thought about buying it too. But CGR is the best of them all by far. Actually I can hardly find anything more promising. I think CGR has a potential to really explode higher. But it needs gold to go up. So we may still have a little time. I think buying a miner is a risky business here. You can lose half of the money and in some instances you may actually lose all. It all depends how long the gold stays low. If they keep gold low for another 6 months, which is possible - many small miners will close.

        I am watching several of them and I am curious when they will start turning belly up.
        In the mean time - I would not look too hard for other miners.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • I agree with you that there are other stocks. I like the certainty expressed by the naysayers. It bodes well. One only loses when he/she sells. I'm loaded here at a very low cost average. If one has a modicum of patience here (or in some others.....brd is the most interesting other mention you made, IMO....), ole' helicopter Ben is going to keep the stock market and gold prices dancing along so long as the printer works, IMO. I figure some shorts have got self in a pickle on gold stocks (and gold) and are going to really propel things real soon. There's just no driver to send gold a lot lower from here. I mean, what a correction already, and now the legs have been cut out from under the bear case on gold prices.....after the dovish comments by the Fed.
        IMO and best,

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