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  • crusaderdog358 crusaderdog358 Sep 3, 2013 11:13 PM Flag

    What does it say?

    here we got a bunch of financial professionals betting big on the stock a gold junior that priced under thirty cents

    It says that the economy is a big PONZI scheme, that's what it says, JMO

    OK, used to work as an actuary, spent about ten years doing that, so guess you could put me in that camp too, yeah. also semi-retired financial professional

    this little company underperformed today, the key to CGR is low expectations, and the way to make money on it is to buy it really really cheap, because it is not best of breed, it is cheap for a reason, more of my money is on other cheap canadian gold juniors, like BRD, MEAOF, and CRCUF.

    MEAOF has lousy management, but they are cheaper than CGR, so like them a bit better, they got a nice new mine, and are finally getting some better production, like them slightly more than CGR, but both are worst of breed type stocks, even so, tremendous upside with both which is really JMO

    BRD has good management, and is a turn-around story, they mine over 100K Au oz annually, and they will slowly grow into a mid-tier and maybe even a major, they are priced really cheap, lots to like with BRD

    CRCUF is speculative, they got great management, and a good property, but that's about it, the stock is under eight cents, so it's worth a look, the CEO is Bradford Cooke, he's the CEO of EXK, and he's got the vision-thing, if you buy it and put in a limit order to sell 40% of your shares at .21, then you can recoup your investment and let the rest ride, play with the houses money...

    yeah, you got to be careful with CGR, there is tremendous upside, sure, but you Could Get Reamed

    and yeah, i got different political views than warmcamp, like I hope we don't assault Syria, we got no business picking winners over there, Obama feels like he warned them, so now our credibility is on the line. I voted for the guy twice, but maybe he should not put himself in a box by outlining military responses to hypothetical situations

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    • I have ezk, Why is Cooke running 2 companies? Tell me more about crcuf

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      • CRCUF is Canarc Resources, they got a gold property in Canada with a 1.1 M Au oz NI-compliant resource, it is called New Polaris, they have been trying to raise funds to build a mine there for ten years, they got really good management, the stock though is in a coma, my thinking is that at some point EXK gobbles up CRCUF, and they become a silver major and a gold major, which will happen anyway eventually IMO, but a lot quicker if they acquire Canarc.

        EXK posted good drill results today, a new high-grade gold silver find near existing infrastructure at El Cubo, lots to like at EXK, should bounce back quick when silver and gold prices recover, until then, they just keep ramping up production.

        This one is worth keeping an eye on, if it gets cheap enough then it's a buy, even with all the issues, bad management and all, but that's just my opinion. CGR is now less than half the price of BRD, so if you moved into that stock you did better, and the stock is no longer a lot higher than MEAOF, which is about nineteen cents per share. The way to make money on this stock is to buy it cheap, and it is cheap, but it may get cheaper, so not ready to buy a bunch more shares just yet, but if it keeps dropping then at some point, sure, will have to pick up some more shares of CGR.

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