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  • IGT will continue its slow but sure down trend. I must admit I am sad to see it happen but it makes sense when you understand how IGT's lack of attention to its competition and unwillingness to stay current with the latest technologies - specifically video gaming and central determination type systems - has left them behind.

    The numbers don't lie - they are losing business and companies like Ballys who have invested in technology (e.g., their purchase of SDG systems who has the leading technology in central determination type system - ticket in ticket out) may be the next leaders in the industry.

    Like I said above, it is sad to see this happen especailly since I made some good mony as it climbed. I will look fof getting back in when it dips below 20 and if management starts moving in the right direction.

    • I have a question for you, if you would.

      How exactly does Video Gambling (or gaming, as you stated) fit with the casino environment? I suspect you are getting at the idea of still playing (gambling) in the casino, itself. I have noticed some machines on the floor of one of the local casinos I visit, are wired up to somekind of "Vegas-playoff, remotely I guess).

      Has anyone asked the staff of the casinos how on-line gambling fits in with their venue? KFor instance, could a Native American Casino sponsor an on-line prescence, on their lands, that USA citizens could play-to or play-from? Next time I go out to the Indian Casino I will try to ask them what they have as an option in that area.

      Could IGT have a video "Game" Machine or programne Game, that awards points and 'prizes' that one could cash in at a casino-type retailer? Now a have-done-it!

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