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  • slot_man_1 slot_man_1 Apr 14, 2005 6:09 PM Flag

    I like what I see today


    Dont forget, for every seller--there has to be a buyer. That obvious statement said, who do you think is buying here? Other than guys like me, who are not common, we arent going over 4 million in volume everyday because joe public are buying 100 share lots. The weak hands are selling. Some of whom were too stupid to take profits off the table like you and I.

    These so called investors--some are my friends who own many shares--refused to sell in the 40's, 30's, only to sell in the high 20's and below. I told at least 4 people who own 10k share or more to sell in the the high 30's. Then I begged them in the low 30's. Now they are selling. Too late.

    That being said these guys still got fat off the stock. They, like me had low cost averages in the stock.

    Make no mistake, the institutions are happier than pigs in slop. They are all over IGT.

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    • Slot_man_1 you are so correct.... The question I have asked myself is where is the bottom for this stock and will it ever began to really climb again.

      I also fall back on what I know about their product and growth potential, at least in the states, and am a bit concerned about jumping back in.

      The only part of their business - outside new casino's coming online in the east - is will they truly see the growth in asia and europe as they have planned. I have heard and read mixed info on that.

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