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  • m2bq m2bq May 24, 2002 12:41 PM Flag

    My stock broker says.....

    Anyone named bi-polar is probably manic - depressive and usually posts under two names, one depending on how they feel today. What exactly did ole bi-P say?? NOTHING! You could get more information from a piece of concrete. The company has over 20M in cash and a book value over $3.00. Bi P -your broker is merely a hallucination. Take your medicine.

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    • I happen to think we all caugh bi-polar on a good day! He speaks like he knows what he's talking about. Less than a year ago, SQST had $50 million in the bank and was trading at about the same as they are today.

      So, all they have managed to do in a year is burn through $30 million and pay all the executives fat salaries.

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      • I have a small position here, several thousand shares, and I do not expect this stock to be the next Mr. Softie. However :"As of March 31, 2002, we had total cash and investments of $42.4 million, which is comprised of cash and cash equivalents of $22.1 million, short-term investments of $14.0 million and long-term investments of $6.3 million. '
        And also, :"With the addition of this client, 13 of the top-twenty global pharmaceutical companies are using SciQuest technologies. "
        Who is their competition? Recall that this is a 6 year old company that is now focusing on its core technology and I think it can sell for a much higher price. Of course I welcome any well thought out ideas that confirm or oppose my view. If you want to tell me what your "stock broker" says, Unless he has some facts - don't bother, I undoubtedly know more about this stock that he - or she......