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  • gold_from_lead gold_from_lead Aug 4, 1998 11:36 AM Flag

    Money Managers

    Does anybody know what the price per share of DNCC's IPO was. This may be a clue to why Money Managers are getting out at $4/share.

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    • But you ARE right about it being a gamble. You just don't know how much of a gamble... yet.

    • he was one of the people that bought high and
      sold low.
      i'm reading msgs and studying the comp.
      Real close myself and it looks like a real gamble but
      so was dell in 88 or 89. Since then i buy twice the
      shares and sell half when i get my money back and i find
      it more proffitable.
      the reason being i sold all
      of dell like an idiot.

    • This is my last post on this subject but I'll say
      it again. DNCC's IPO was legitimate and you're using
      half-truths and innuendo to try and smear the company. I've
      done much due dilligence on this issue and I urge
      everybody else thinking of investing to do the same. Look
      at the financials, look at the contracts, look at
      the company's background and principals and you'll
      see a solid business that remains a good
      I'll suggest to you since you seem to know the
      people you're talking about to call them up and ask them
      these questions yourself. You can rely on paperwork all
      you want but that NEVER tells an entire story.

    • no short selling. As for who knows the facts, it looks likes someone is starting to change their tune...and it aint me!

    • and read my original message. Who said anything
      about being viable? I only explained the way in which
      DNCC went about going public, and some other facts
      that investors should be aware of.
      If this is your
      idea of a "solid " investment , you really need to get
      more information. You think I could hurt the Dunn
      family? My god are you paranoid!

    • I'm saying parking is a possibility but I know
      for a fact he didn't work for Network 1 and I know
      for a fact he had nothing to do with DNCC IPO. Since
      you know where he works why not call him up and ask
      him directly? He'll tell you. And since you know
      where he works you know that during the period in
      question that he was in his current position and not
      working with Network 1.
      What I AM saying is that
      DNCC was a viable IPO when it came to market and it
      was and is above-board with its business dealings and
      remains a solid investment--despite the market. That I
      can say with 100 percent certainty. You're trying to
      insinuate something that just isn't so and I don't
      understand your motives beyond trying to hurt the Dunn

    • 1-800-289-9999 ask the NASD for his time of
      employment with Network 1. I sense that you are now saying
      he parked his licence, but did not work there. So
      I hear he makes a great sub these days.

    • You're wrong again! I know exactly what he was
      doing during that time period and who he eventually
      went to work for and it was NEVER Network 1. That's
      the problem, you look at a govt. form and you assume
      you know but do you have DIRECT first-hand knowledge
      that what you say is right? How many real estate
      agents hang their license in an office so they can save
      some money buying a house? They never work in that
      office but the "paperwork" says they do.
      And market
      fundamentals aren't what drove this IPO it was company
      fundamentals. Making sure the company was positioned right
      before it came out.
      Believe me, I've profited quite
      nicely from DNCC already and I'm sure I'll do it again.

    • Please take your imature attitude somewhere else.
      What are you on the white house staff... attack those
      you can't talk intelligently too. I don't want to
      read rhetoric on these boards. I want good hard facts
      or at least true gut feelings from seasoned
      investors. Most on this board seem to follow this principle.
      You on the other hand want to get in a pissing
      contest with someone where it doesn't seem either one of
      you know all the facts.
      By the way if I want to
      invest in this company and "follow the herd to the
      slaughterhouse" I damn well will do it. And be assured it
      wouldn't be becuase of what I read on a board. have you
      got some beef with this company or are you a shorter
      doing all you can to drive the price down?
      Keep your
      cool, talk sensible, and give us something reliable and
      maybe I'll change my tune on you. Until then find a
      board along you maturity level....maybe "How to handle

    • No, you are following the herd to the
      slaughterhouse. Research involves listening to various points of
      view. You won't get that from a group of people who
      bought a stock on advice from employees of the company.
      You don't want good information, you want to be part
      of a mutual masturbation society.

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