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  • NYhome NYhome Aug 6, 1998 1:51 AM Flag

    What I believe..........................

    This board is
    unreal......I'm amazed..because
    for onewhy do you people talk like know it alls,I've
    seen it all? I have been
    straddles and combination, option spreads, option writing,
    course buying puts and calls, and buying and
    selling stocks. most of you
    make it sound like some
    black jack table. In my forty years in the
    market, and still having fun, I laugh at you new kids. It
    is called finding good companies and sticking with
    them. You will never make money buying and selling
    constantly. It will drain you. Trust me. Stick with the
    strong companies. I believe this is one. I tell you

    this, I confirmed with my portfolia mgr, and yes I even
    consult, a little newer than me to this
    new game, and
    confirmed buy. So between us both I would say this a


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    • I agree, now that the stock is beaten down, as a
      long term play it might look good. However, there are
      several problems that have been glossed over by the
      analysts giving it the strong buy recommendation. 1) Their
      only market is government contracts where the margins
      and loyalty are undoubtedly low. Besides defense
      contractors, no government supplier ever grew earnings without
      private sector accounts, which I honestly don't see this
      company growing in that area. 2) Integrating the remains
      of three companies into one is a very difficult
      task, even with good management. As far as the original
      shareholders go, sorry you took a bath but the lack of
      coverage by reputable firms and the low trading volume
      only make this stock a buy when it becomes a value
      play, not a growth play. Hey, its your money.