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  • Fish2026 Fish2026 Dec 28, 2007 10:00 AM Flag

    someone should buy- mark2202 u Lie

    Funny when oil was half the current value they had a takeover offer in the high 20s - the oil is still there and worth way more - however we all agree management sucks.

    Mark2002002 Natural Gas is NOWHERE near highs - why lie to make a point - in fact Natural Gas has way underperformed in regards to oil. When you distort the truth it really doesnt matter what you write after that. On the other hand if you are investing in energy but dont know that ng is nowhere near a high then you are too stupid to invest.

    One day management will get lucky and drill a good well or someone will buy these assets. Its just too low at $12

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    • Well said. Important points-
      1) Management has made some very poor decisions over the past couple of years. By the way, in my opinion, rejecting the buyout offer was not one of them, as the value of the company is much higher.
      2) Natural gas is way cheap when compared with oil, which trend I expect to reverse itself over time (not because I have great insight, but because reversion to the mean is what happens over time).
      3) Stock price is ridiculously cheap. This has caused many on this board to throw temper tantrums and rail against management. However, I might point out that management did not make the decision to buy the stock or to hold it through a 50% price decline. Far as I know, individual investors can only look to the man in the mirror for someone to blame on that. Some obviously refuse to accept responsibility for their own decisions. In fact, it appears that some of the biggest complainers haver recently compounded their bad decisions by selling at the time when the stock is a screaming buy.
      By the way, if people truly believe that the reason the stock is so cheap is 100% because the CEO is who the CEO is, then they should also get that their stock has the potential to leap in price overnight if a CEO change is made. That sounds to me like a pretty good investment opportunity, because firing an employee is pretty darned easy to do.
      Anyway, thanks for posting a rational thought. Undoubtedly the chronic complainers will make personal attacks on you for daring to say that the stock is a good value. I have noticed that tendency, to badger continuously anyone who dares to rain on their pity party. But what the heck, if you think it is a good price, most likely you bought some. We can definitely use a few more buyers. Me, I am a long term bag holder of the stock, with an average basis around $17. I may be dreaming, but I definitely expect to double my money at a minimum.

    • Looks like it won't be 12 for long. 11s are near.