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  • analyst112 analyst112 Nov 17, 2011 12:58 PM Flag

    Book value $30

    Tangible common equity after liquidation preference for preferreds and excluding all goodwill is $30.11. If the portfolio of buildings is worth $1.2 billion less than carrying value, then BV would be $16.60. Since property is carried at depreciated value, it is hard to believe they are worth less than depreciated value. Some have been owned for years and have been depreciated by 50% or more. The fundamentals do not support such a low price unless------we are headed into a depression.

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    • Are you on Heroin? Or is that just a simple Opium high?

      What turnip wagon did you fall off of? So we can throw you back on it?

      The yellow brick road is in your mind. Only a junky could believe in a Book Value like that. Did you miss the bus again?

      Are you sure you are on earth?

      $30 is that pesos or dollars?

      Next time you hit the dealer tell him to lighten your load.

    • Freeeek-

      Thanks for the recommendation.Have had 3 cwh shareholders call me who are willing to pay me $1000 for a 5 page down and dirty on cwh.

      Need 2 more to make a 5 page analysis worth my time.

      Thanks again.

      Your buddy-Tom the MAI.

    • Fritz-

      Good job. See remedial learning helps.

      So the topic of this posting is BOOK VALUE $30.

      Would you care to comment about the $16 share price??????

      For everyone other than jumps-thats $4+ per share heading to the $3 price range-pre split.

      Heck-at that price I could be interested as a croap shooot.

      Nice to hear from you. Good luck. stay out of the sun.

      Best, as always-Tom. Come visit me if the institution will allow. Low humidity and you wont have the mosquitos and flies to contend with like you do in napoli. Well-maybe you will attract the flies. That will make it even better for the rest of us.

      Best of luck.

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      Better yet he would love to hear from everyone phone # 760-580-7368

    • tacoboy owns an appraisal business out of his home in Escondido CA its a one man shop for retired losers.
      Tacoboy changes his profile every other month must be getting in trouble on other sites.
      I put has last 2 or 3 profiles on ignore now I have a new one to add to the list.

    • three-

      MY, my, my. You must be an mba with all of those big words and such.

      MY TENNVOL THEORY-a paper shuffler in the back room hoping to play with the BIG boys.

      You deserve a Three at best. You still have the banks green eyeshades on. Cant teach an old banker new tricks. One thing we can be certain of-if the bank takes any of the cwh portfolio back THREE will be the last guy to work on it.

      It must be very difficult to compute these value to debt ratios. VERY VERY DIFFICULT. Keep calculating with your magic calculator and maybe it will be able to change what the market thinks of your brilliant analysis. No wonder you werent a big earner at THE BANK.

      Good luck.

    • CWH has entered takeover territory. The whole market value of common equity is only $1.3 billion. It has FFO of $300 million. That is a 23% cash on cash return at today's $16.30 price. Unfortunately, they probably do not have the wherewithall to buy back their own stock. The cash ROI to CWH of stock repurchases is 12% just on dividend savings. They should sell GOV and buy CWH. Send an email demanding management action.

    • My back of the envelope calcuation shows BV of nearly $37 per common share. That's with full dilution.

    • This is just dumb stockbrokers selling for tax loss. Everybody who bought this year has a loss especially everybody on the $24 offering. I can hear the call "just dump it". Just stupid selling now.

    • I came up with something closer to the mid-high 31 range, but I am adding the difference between the market value of GOV and the carrying value, that covers a good chunk of our difference.