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  • gem3rd gem3rd Mar 5, 2013 7:17 AM Flag

    Remember the last Offering 7/2011

    The last offering was at $24 and we never saw that price again until now. Those fools that bought in saw their shares drop to the $13 range and the div cut, why would anybody buy into the same #$%$ again?

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    • I sold yesterday. Profit in the long term but will never buy back in. The activists were a blessing and I accepted the gift of their actions. I actually wish those hedge funds well and will cheeer for them. I hope they make money. This management is the wierdest I have seen in 35 years of investing. Truly at wa with the shareholders and the ultimate of entitled mentality.
      I am mad enough that any voting or papers I can fill out if a class action evelope, I will do on principal. But, I will never buy this or any RMR run organization again. This bull is not so old as to be capable of learning.