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  • infinitidrivr infinitidrivr Mar 5, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    The unsophisticated investor doesn't comprehend

    that the dilution as a result of the equity offerings have solidified CWH's credit rating. This has enabled CWH to have a competitive advantage in acquiring the valuable properties that the naysayers say are "undervalued". Yes, the stock is undervalued because the "naysayers" have been: 1. trading puts; 2: marshalling the resources to takeover the company on the "cheap". The properties that were bought were paid for in cash, using unsecured credit lines, rather than the financial contingency/entanglements surrounding many competitor bids. But this would require at least an elementary understanding of finance by the naysayers on this board.

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    • You speak nothing of the continual dilution of existing shareholders over the past 5 years. Until just last week, a chart of this company shows a decrease in stock price (high at the upper left - low on the lower right) for years. Lower, lower, lower with the passing of years - the opposite of what an investor wants to see - and the opposite of the entire US stock market!!. The current issuance of stock has not been a one off event. And - real estate values, even commercial, has not gotten continually worse since 2009 - as the CWH stock chart would lead you to believe. RMR is a self-serving management group rooted in nepotism, with CWH's incompetent Trustees, executing a broken business model - THAT HAS DECLARED WAR ON CWH SHAREHOLDERS!!!
      I am soooooo glad I sold out yesterday - but - I wish the best of luck to Mr. Meister and Mr. Bleu to rescue the remaining shareholders and take this company from the Portnoys and get the property portfolio into competent and caring hands!

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      • I agree with you. Currently, I am short on this security (2,065 shares) and, obviously, want it to go down in the short term (and I believe it will), but if I was a shareholder, I would be livid. The Board's track record with returning "value" to shareholders is abysmal. On the other hand, I fault shareholders for not exercising their voting power all these years, and for not taking action sooner. I hope that the lawsuits move forward and that plaintiffs are able to have their day in court and adduce evidence necessary for the court to send this a jury trial on the merits.

    • Sorry, that's crazy talk. You comments make it look like you work for management. It's clear you and the Portnoys need a refresher on fiduciary duty

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      • If soccer666fan is referring to exoxlucios as a shill for the Portnoys, I disagree. Yes, he's short the shares because he didn't think Covex/Related could derail the secondary offering. That at the moment turns out to be a very profitable position. I'm long and hoped the insurgents would prevail, but they lost a battle, an important battle, but if they are in it for a war (or if someone else comes along to take down the Portnoys and their predatory RWR relationship with their REITs) sending the Portnoys packing will happen. External management of a REIT has the potential for collusive dealing. RWR's relationship with its REITs shows how it can happen. There's a reason Wall Street has never priced these REITs in the same way it does internally managed firms.