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  • infinitidrivr infinitidrivr Mar 5, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

    Investment Philosophy

    I look for an investment that attempts to build value and income over time. And when I mean time, I mean years, even decades. From scratch, I currently own a portfolio of almost 30 investments that generate an annual income in the upper 10% of retirees. My average yield is a little above 7%. Currently, I own only a modest investment in CWH common, have some CWHD, SIR and SNH. And I do understand the frustration of investors and would include myself in that category. But I think the office market is and has been challenging for years and believe much of share price performance is attributed to it. That is in summary my own analysis, have absolutely no affiliation with management...they're Yankees.

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    • infinitidrivr,---Then a simple answer to your position would be this: Go look at the stock charts of ALL the office REITs individually or as a sector group and compare that to the stock chart of CWH and you will have your answer! Even though the office market has been challenging, other REITs have done much much better and their stocks are showing a LOT of improvement since 2009 whereas the CWH chart tells the story of this horribly conflicted and self dealing management/board of trustees/RMR. Don't try and fob that garbage on us that CWH is in the same boat as other office REIT's. That is PATENTLY untrue and a quick glimpse of the stock charts will dispel any doubt you or anyone else here may have!

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      • I suspect you are right about charts and the markets perception of CWH vs. others. But I tend to examine the fundamentals of an investment and have never found charts all that persuasive. Before the recent upsurge in share price(the potential buyout phase), ffo was about 20% of the share price. Cap rates for good properties are about 8% nowadays. That 20% cash flow is even with the high vacancies which suggests to me either the market undervalues CWH or overvalues the others. What ever happened to Benjamine Graham's view of price/book, price/cash flow, etc.?