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  • foxhsmart foxhsmart Mar 26, 2013 1:02 PM Flag

    If CWH sells it 56% holding in SIR...

    ...How will they be able to sell that amount, or even anywhere NEAR that amount (given average daily trading volume), with out cratering the stock price? Unless they find a buyer who will swallow it all in one bite, trying to exit this holding will put downward pressure on SIR in a big way. Fritzy, you gonna step in and buy the entire 56% stake from CWH ;oD !!!???$$$???!!!

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    • What does trading volume have to do with anything,maybe foxdumb fits you better. The sold close to 10m shares of GOV and that issue isn't a big volume stock.
      Some people just have nothing better to do than post garbage

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      • Fritzie

        You are at it again demeaning others who are trying to learn something about the crooks you keep on defending.

        My guess is that by selling their stake in SIR and GOV the Porkies will be able to buy back CWH shares, hoping to gain a control when the good guys come in to kick them out. It's a sign of desperation, because RMR will be history in the mgmt of SIR and GOV.

      • As I said, they better find a big buyer, because if they try to sell that big of a stake on the open market they will sink the stock price OR they must take forever to dribble it out to try to keep pressure off the stock price and it does not seem they have that kind of time. Do the math. Share count to sell versus average daily trading volume. That said, it could provide a heck of a buying opportunity for those who like the stock because eventually that selling pressure would let up and the stock price will rebound.