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  • jimchammd jimchammd May 3, 2010 1:55 PM Flag

    No one is using Victoza

    I am a physician. Byetta has been on the market over 5 years. Victoza has a BLACK BOX warning. It's sitting on sample shelves in the refrigerators of physicians around the country gathering dust.

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    • Can I get some samples as I am using Victoza and love it!!

    • tim_stubbe Jun 22, 2010 2:57 PM Flag

      Well someone is buying. Like me.
      I was on Lantis since June 2009. I went from 285-230 by Dec 2009. Then I hit a platuau. Couldn't get lower than 225 and would bounce back up to 230. Fast forward to May 21 2010, Dr. took me off Lantis and put me on Victoza..
      in 30 days I droped from 228 to 212.
      I like Victoza alot, but I'm still waiting for Bydureon once a week to be FDA approved.

      But till then I a victoza friend.

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      • This is first time I have ever posted note on any message board. As an internist with a signficant number of Type II diabetics, I have over 20 patients on this since it was released in the early spring.

        Pros: Ease of use, weight loss across the board, improved glycemic control quite quickly.
        (I had only one patient stop it who lacked motivation or concern for her A1C over 7.5% plus)

        Cons: 1 Cost, if you lack insurance,
        2 motivation to use a once a day injectable regardless of whether you ate or not,
        3 unsure if glycemic control will last over time but being able to pull someone off insulin w/o weight gain and some loss is great.

        The medullary thyroid cancer fears may not pan out but they must be discussed upon initiation
        of the drug.
        This product is being studied for weight loss in non-diabetics which is great. The long term cost of this agent will be its sticking point.
        The notion of the once a week product concerns me as you will have a drug in you that will last for a week; what if you do not want it inside you that long for whatever medical reason.

    • Also the stock is up almost 100% since Mar 09! That is a huge statement. This stock rocks!

    • Someone must be buying it because sales have helped boost NVO up 23% for the 1st Qtr and growing. 68% of NVO total sales growth came from the US market. This trend will continue.

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