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  • nutsistampa nutsistampa Jan 5, 2002 7:44 PM Flag

    Why?? Part I

    First, I am a shareholder, and would love to see this company get its act togther. That would mean a nice profit for me. I never thought I'd post on here...I've always been a loyal and faithful employee. But I just can't stand to see the incompetance anymore. I have to say something. Unfortunately, I do not believe we have the leadership at corporate to execute a turnaround. I don't think it is because they are stupid...I think it's because they are OUT OF TOUCH! They claim to have their eye on expenses, yet they retain the useless services of Ken P. (Cheif Sales Officer who has never sold staffing a day in his life), Joey L.(Chief Talen Officer...because we're hiring so aggressively, we need one of these...), and Mike E.(Director of Knowledge Mgmt...perfect for a company with no training program...oh, but the knowledgebank is GREAT...just what does he do, besides kiss Dunkel's ass?), all of whome make over $300k/yr. That's okay though...we'll fire competant sales staff at the field level in the name of cost cutting. These are the only people generating revenue for us, and we're either firing them or forcing them to quit. Why? EBIT? I haven't been there, but I hear the new corporate headquarters has a full sized gym with a full time personal trainer, a state of the art cafeteria, and a near life sized portrait of Dukel supposedly which is supposedly worth over $20k...How about the new re-structuring of ALL mgmt? I dare the analysts to to get in the weeds and look at who is managing what. I think you'll find that the mgmt reorg was poorly thought out. I can buy off on a market mgmt model...but for goodness sake, do it right! You've added additional layers of mgrs in ridiculous places. I see the frustration in my boss's face...he can't get a thing done. Basic field level mgmt decisions have to get approved by 2 and 3 layers up. What is this?

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    • Mr. Snow, Mr. D and his crew are masters at
      creating a misleading and artificial indication
      of the direction of the company. The only direction this "thang" is going is down because the company has lost way to many top end performers. And contrary to corporates opinion, these people are not replaceable.
      No dolla commin in = no gas for da G5

    • I am sorry to read of your extreme frustration.

      Unfortunately, I would have to agree with your statement about corporate being OUT OF TOUCH. During a conversation several months ago with the Treasurer, she admitted, laughingly, "�we (corporate) don't know how anything we do here will affect people in the field. Take it from the person who blew up accounts payable..." How true that statement rang � you do NOT laugh at someone in the field over the inability of Corporate to get people paid what they are owed, particularly when that someone had to field dozens of calls from irate contractors who could not understand why it would take a professional staffing company over 7 weeks (in some cases) to pay them properly. Thankfully, this issue seems to be behind KFRC�at least on the surface (or from the Corporate perspective)�Please understand that I say from the Corporate perspective because at least a few of these contractors raised this issue with their (Client) managers. This cast Kforce in a bad light during a time when Account Managers should have been focused on client penetration not putting out Corporate fires. You see, this hard thing to discuss, in some way, made Account Managers reach for the easy thing to balance their collective psyche�that easy thing, in Q1/Q2 of 2000, was sitting by the phone waiting for some company to call in a Job Order, which, believe it or not, actually happened. In Q1 and Q2 of 2000 (yes, 2000), I was known to say the following: "There was a time in this business when you could not get a Job Order without picking up the phone. Now (Q1, Q2 of 2000), you can't pick up the phone without getting a Job Order." The point being: Call-ins were not sales, they were transactions. Transactions were fine, provided that Account Managers followed up with QUALITY visits in order to develop a relationship that would endure any economic downturn. Calls which should have been pleasant and focused on relationship building were, instead, made to explain Corporate's poor performance or, sadly, not made at all (in some cases). Though this was not the only issue endured by members of the field, getting beaten up on the issue of something that should be as transparent as Accounts Payable, certainly did not foster a healthy mindset necessary for the majority of (read: average) Account Managers to press on and turn transactional acquaintances into business relationships.

      So, has Corporate learned that their actions do, indeed, have a significant long-term impact on the field? After all, though the roles are different, the very basic desired end result is, or should be, the same � grow market share through relationship building. With a commitment to that end in mind and a clearly communicated, effective plan of action, all the rest will follow: Revenue, Gross Profit, EPS, Employee satisfaction, stockholder satisfaction, further increased market share, et cetera.

      If they understand, then they should have a well thought out plan. That plan should have been, or should now be, communicated effectively to the field with expectations properly set and managed by a competent management team, which, by virtue of the reorganization, seems to be a part of the plan.

      As always, time will tell....



      ps Hang in there

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      • Simply put DD and the Executive Team has struck out on three counts: Lead, Follow or get the hell out of the way!
        They have yet to show leadership, don't follow the pulse of the field and therefore GET
        IN THE WAY!
        That strategy will lead to their, or more likely kfrc's undoing. Talk about killing the Golden Goose...

      • My compliments, you have the patience of Job, and the optimism regarding the future at kforce that many of us once had.

        What do you see in the re-org that gives rise to such feelings? Most I know simply don't see it, perhaps we're missing something or we've seen and heard more than this so many times before that we're tuned out and worn out.

        I see an organization that knows little and/or places little value on relationships, inside or outside the company.

        If mid-mgr postings seem to have dropped off, it might be b/c there are so few still around, or who around and still care.

        A proven producer at kforce asked me the other day what they are getting from their association w/kforce and for the % of their GP they were turning over to the company every month: branding?, resources?, administrative assistance?, a weekly flex payroll that doesn't have at least one or two errors?, client lunch expenses approved without a hassle?, a word of thanks from Tampa?, something more than a phone line and an e-mail adress?

        Word on the street is that where kfrc once stood for something ground-breaking and cutting edge, it now stands for "kentucky fried recruiting company"...somewhat funny, but far more sad.

        Incidently, the Treasurer is someone who a number of mid-level mgrs and up thought/think she should be running the company instead of "double D", which ought to give you some idea of what many people think of him. He ain't being confused with GE's Jack, that's for sure.

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