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  • source_romac_kforce source_romac_kforce May 22, 2002 11:13 AM Flag


    Since we continue to rehash old discussions on this board I thought I would add some insight. Instead of throwing out MIM and LDP as the same excuses I took a look at some numbers and spoke with some LDP grads.

    The beta LDP began in March 1999. The second LDP class began July 1999. Would you like to know the stock price in Mid July of '99? $7.47/share. Seems this company was in trouble on Wall St. long before the LDP began to hit the field offices.

    MIM rolled out in January 2000, stock price around $14/share. I believe the company invested $1 million in MIM. Am I led to believe a $1 Million investment has led to our HUGE loss in revenue, earnings & stock price?

    Website - obviously it failed. But did it really cost $50 Million? If you answer yes, then please post the link to the your information verifying the cost. If you can't provide the link, then discontinue the nonsense about $50 million.

    Have a nice Memorial Day and please take a moment to think about those military folks overseas defending your freedom as you eat your hot dog.

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    • As I have heard LDP were given special treatment with regard to advancement , compensation etc.

      One of the major problems is that they have no skills in the industry or in business management in general. As usual the LDP management hiring matches that of the rest of the company, predominately white males.

      Has anyone else seen or heard of this imbalance in other divisions of the company?

    • Far be it from me to interfere with your inalienable right to make a complete and utter ass of yourself in public. Carry on, please!

    • What's up laro? And what happened to following your "wisdom in the venerable old saying, that, if you have nothing positive to say, then BUTTON UP!"? And thanks for the pep talk on what I should and should not post, but to be completely honest, I really don't give a damn if you think I'm unpleasant, Kforce corportate, or whatever else you and your "read only" participants choose to fantasize about. I have my reasons for banging on you, and you have your reasons for banging on Kforce, enough said.

      LDP, a "Kforce sucks" post, and lovingonmonkeys was turned in to the authorities...brilliant. At least artic had a cute post, and it didn't even deal with TRAINING!

      I'll predict 7 again just to fire up the conspiracy theorists, or at least until I turn into a spineless weenie, a.k.a the others I've apparently had misconceptions about.

      PS, was this post okay with you laro? My apologies if not - and I'll look forward to your crybaby whiny-butt opinion soon...

    • I agree completely. Even if there had been a good point buried in there, no-one would have ever figured it out.

      As a general rule of thumb, it's always a good idea to re-read your comments before they get posted (and in some cases, might really make a big difference in your level of credibility)

    • No kidding. When did someone actually predict that? Oh yes, I remember, Jan-Dec 2001 and Jan-May 2002. Keep dreaming!

    • What you are missing is that under the LDP program things did not turn at all. Only continued to head south.
      MIM rolled out in Sept or Oct of 99. What that did was take everyone out of the office for two days, It truly was a joke. Can we all say the �Bridge of connectivity�?

    • The $50 mill is not a big mystery, Kforce was proud of the 20-30 million in development. This was positioned as a big selling point. The Supper Bowl add, field office training (comic book), the infomercial equipment at all the offices, support staff, they set up a special internal sales team, name change, etc�.
      I could go on and on. It was a huge fiasco. My RVP told us we need to talk about it to customers, but not our A list. He openly said it was �not ready for prime time� Kforce rolled this out without any field office support, was destined to fail from the beginning.

      Sorry I�m telling the truth, you can take this as bashing if you like.

      • 4 Replies to su2nff3j
      • Su2 person - Sorry I don't buy your story. I asked for verified proof. This is a public company, go find the facts and post the link.
        The fact your "RVP" made some claim is not proof. I agree it was not functional or worth selling to your clients, but I'm not buying your $50 Million price tag. If development was "20-30" million, I can't agree the RIS machines and some comic books with super heroes cost $25M.

        JunnyJun - Are you drunk all the time or what? Seriously, what is your story? You're ramblings are incoherent.

      • Yeah, we had little to no training. When I asked about the money back gaurenty I was told just tell them we have one. If they didnt hire anyone there would be no fee anyway.

      • I guess if su2nff3j says it's the truth, than it must be the truth...especially since his RVP "openly" told him so! su2nff3j, can you help us out and tell us what exactly a Supper Bowl is? If Kforce was running a SUPPER BOWL ADD (not ad), then no wonder that $50 million adds (or is it ads?) up!

        I noticed that a couple of your posts made reference to "smoking" and spiked "cool-aid" - so it only made sense when my RVP "openly" told me the way you came up with the su2nff3j email ID was after you passed out "smoking", and your head smashed into your keyboard. Please, take another hit and dazzle us with more brilliance and insight!

        Sorry if I'm telling the I'm not - and you can take this as bashing if you like.

      • i must agree romac when i was there was proud of the fact that they will pouring money into that web site. and remember our military folks overseas and what they are doing for our country.
        ok let me look at it this way if i were a producer there today and unable to expand my business cause my general was taking orders with out thought rather than executing market share cause his training only included "yes sir" believe me knowing my armed forces are killing afghans at this very same moment would make it all just seem so right.

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