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  • thwarple thwarple Jan 8, 2003 3:43 PM Flag

    big news?

    rumor has it that big news is coming...soon? anyone hear anything?

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    • Happyforcer needs to purchase a mirror. Look who is whining. The proKforcers just whine in a different light. You wish for everyone to go away and not bother you so you can continue on drawing a check and hiding from the real world. Your low scap level maturity shines brightly. I know what you say, "shh don't make a sound, maybe Ybor will forget about us and continue to direct deposit our accounts"
      On another note, stop posting at 1:56pm. The afternoon posts are a tell tell sign you have nothing to do but read the board and whine for everyone to leave you be.

      The stock is at $2.95 an falling. Financials are due out in a week and I wait to see them with much interest. Kforce has been feeding on it's own flesh and bones for the last year with a drastic push last quarter to free up some money by firing everyone in plain view including, I heard, a pizza delivery man. The numbers in a week should be something to see.

      Happyforcer, you talking about positive notes on any company with a diseased layered 2 bucks stock shows how moronic you are little guy.

    • Happy,

      If you would care to discuss this offline I would be more than happy to. You still must be at Kforce... Otherwise You would be working.

    • There certainly is BiG news coming from Kforce! A whole new look for 2nd half 2003!

      A friend of mine at HQ whispered that management is looking to use
      technology to revitalize Kforce by introducing the latest upgrade to the
      website: v2.1.3A.

      From what I understand, they will be blending new web technology with high
      powered graphic servers, speech recognition and artifical intelligence so
      that visitors to will be greeted by "Bots".

      Job seekers can expect an interactive experience, similar to video
      conferencing, only with a computer generated "Bot". [short for "robot"]

      Life like, diverse personalities for a Global Marketplace, the "Bots" will
      be capable of performing many tasks currently handled by the Career

      Investors will appreciate the cost of these new recruiters too: $$$

      Superior to the Career Advocate, Bots will send productivity through the

      Once installed, the Bot will never ask for a raise. Won't need insurance,
      can't be injured or discriminated against, etc. The Bot will be able to
      quickly adapt to new markets overseas for engineering and computer talent.

      You won't be surprised that I am loading up on Kforce stock like a madman at $3 a share.
      When the Bots are up and running, this rocket is leaving the planet.

      Have a great 2003!!

    • Instead of arguing who is at fault, why doesn't everyone look at the real problem.

      20 years have elapsed since the so called growth started up and all the while did anyone Source or Romac build a company with sound fundamentals on it's way to a solid foundation. No. I didn't think so. Source boys or Romac boys, no one stood up over the 20 years and build something of strength. Sure, the company exploded on the Revenue side but anyone knowing business knows that there is more to to the word Growth than Revenue and .25cent stock jumps. So why. Why would you stop during times of bliss, huge parties and huge paychecks to think and consider strengthing anything even if it were your own foudnation. The thinking was, why, everything is great now, why change anything. Let's face it, Romac or Kforce had a commodity during a time everyone screamed for that very commodity. Who would have thought the money would ever stop. Source? Kforce? Romac? I don't give anyone credit on looking into the future.

      So during the days of bliss, no one stood back and looked at the company's internal machine. No one did, sure when the market screamed for answers, Ybor threw them a bone and called it Passion because the SuperHero booklet was not powerful enough to sway anyones attention to something else. So we got Passion. A marketing campaign with no substance at all, but it appeased the street into thinking Ybor was doing something or anything to solidify the employees training and well being.

      The current infastructure of the place is sub par. Marketers running around with no direction or business wise, while the fellow staffer sits back and hopes daddy comes home with a prize turkey. The same employees are being lead by managers who are not only new to staffing but new to anything thrown in their direction. I have heard some wild stories about directives and strategies which can no way profit anyone. But in real terms, the same has been going on for years. Nothing as changed other than the knock on the door with the boxes of money. Nothing has changed. Not one thing. The most hurtful part of the 20 year run was allowing top producers to run offices. I do not what was going through DD's head to think a top producer in a sales enviroment was going to change his or her thinking and immediately look to appease their fellow teammates. Let's face it, getting to the top of the GP standings normally insists you have no rear view mirrors and A-#1 is your best friend. No, valuable time was lost on internal strength while Kforce allowed this to go down. So many quit because they were tired of being lead down dark paths because the managers were clueless. Valuable time was lost during this era. I can not see the new non educated bunch today who run the offices will bring much more than a new profitless approach.

      No until the internal foudnation is changed, the company sits at a penny stock. Corporate can play the Wednesday volume activity game to spice things up, but eventually the stocks goes back down. We have seen this so many times before. No, change the internal structure and hire people who do not think the company is growing because the stock went up a quarter to do your work. The answer to Kforce's problems has always been to fire or in Larry's case allow to retire. Recently we have seen Spherions Exec so call retire too and where is their stock at today?

      Buy out rumors need to be put bed. No one is going to buy Kforce. Why. Someone read the balance sheet and not just certain lines and explain to me why someone would buy Kforce other than for prime office space.

      No, I am sure competitors like Kforce being in the market, it sure makes everyone else look better.

    • I have to agree. I remember when Romac first acquired Source, and was invited to my first Florida love fest. I overheard Swartz bragging to his managers about how they had pulled the trigger on Source. Well they sure did, they took one of the best companies I have ever worked for, a money machine with high producing associates that been with company for many, many years, and killed it dead in the water.

      Someday the company probably will be acquired by the likes of ADECCO. Sad, but it seems inevitable.

    • corporatesucks20022002 corporatesucks20022002 Jan 11, 2003 12:08 PM Flag

      "Perfectly" said and the "TRUTH"!!!

    • Ok guys and gals, lets face facts.
      (1) While Source may have been "a great place to work with great people", the company became stagnant and got bought by a smaller company. Who's fault is that?
      (2) Romac was built on acquisition and each office became a little fifedom which did not contibute any sense of corporate culture. The very structure of the money flow prevented a teamwork environment. Nothing flowed sideways, only money flowed up and bullshit flowed down.
      (3) Dave built a company he could not run (kinda of like the peter principle it reached critical mass and imploded).
      (4) Romac has now become stagnant.
      (5) Could history repeat itself????

    • I've heard some talk of Adecco. Anyone else hear the same?

    • Probably not big news however would not be surprised if this company is on the block next year.

      Eliminate 90% of the S&A and for 100 million (25 million shares at $4) the thing pays for itself in a year. Or merge with a company to absorb the 100 million note from stock purchase and still get rid of duplicative offices. It still pays for itself.

      The big boys look at this company as chicken meat.

    • Care to elaborate? Is this a follow up to the earlier rumors of Kfarce selling of Nursing/healthcare?

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