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  • bumblebbb_2000 bumblebbb_2000 Jun 22, 2000 1:53 PM Flag

    This was just sent

    This was sent to everyone at KforceA company-wide
    conference call has been scheduled today, June 22, 2000 at
    5:00 PM, EST by David Dunkel. On this call, David will
    be discussing company current events. Please find
    the call details below. As always with a call of this
    size, please take advantage of conference rooms and
    group together as to utilize fewer phone lines.

    Date: Thursday, June 22, 2000
    Time: 5:00 PM,
    Number: (800) 369-3161
    Leader: David
    Passcode: kforce

    Manager, Corporate

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    • One thing you got to realize is that Corporate
      Human Resources has only been standing for about a yr.
      Rob, like the rest of us in HR, was trying to put a
      department together that was never formed. There are legal
      documentations that are required by law which he was trying to
      get straighten out for this company. Losing him is
      now putting damper on alot of these issues. He was
      not the only one we lost in here and we are all
      suffering from it. We are now overworked and underpaid. Now
      we don't know much about what is going on anywhere
      without him here. That is something you should consider.

    • losing about a person a day in the kforce
      consulting group, as well as big turnover in the staffing
      side. Not sure why the laid off folks - they have
      enough quitting to more than reduce the employee force
      to the new levels they need!

      I was at a
      vendor office today and ran into three ex-kforcers that
      have quit just within the past few weeks... they said
      it is pretty bad within the walls of kforce - at
      least on the consulting side of things. Sad...

      Personally glad GS caused an upswing in the stock price -
      another $5/share and I can get out at a breakeven! Have a
      feeling they are doing the upgrade for their own reasons
      through - wouldn't bet any more money than I am willing
      to lose right now after hearing the stuff I heard
      today. Of course, perhaps what GS has been told by
      Dunkle is that they are indeed getting rid of the money
      wasters like the kforce Consulting group - etc... Then
      that would be a positive step towards recovering the
      core company! Let's just hope!

    • f_cks 150
      Online headhunter pink slipped 150 workers. This is f_cked on so
      many levels. They deserve the vicious treatment that
      all of the headhunters on the FC Message Board have
      been getting... Spaaaaam city.

      check out their
      Message board

    • Just to make Q2 numbers....

      Oh... and did KFRC find them their next job........????

      I don't think so...

    • Working for him in HR might be a different

      But I am a revenue-producing employee in the field,
      and he was less than interested in helping solve a
      real problem than he was in his in his BS flashy
      marketing hype "travel brochure" benefits enrollment
      package that was weeks late and a waste of money and

      But HR and line people rarely see eye to eye. In
      fact, we rarely even speak the same

      Good riddance, in my opinion.

    • is this true i read it on another site

    • Yes, he is no longer here but "kforceguy" is
      wrong in regards to his matter. Rod was very loyel and
      hard working! He cared about his employees and would
      do anything to assist them!!! Maybe the question
      asked was one that he could not answer and should have
      gone to Corporate Help Desk on! By all means Buchen is
      NOT a F***ING JERK! Unless you actually worked for
      him then nothing should be said!

    • Yeah, he's gone.

      Now I wish I would have
      gone ahead and told him what a dirtbag I thought he
      was when I sat with him at breakfast one day at the
      annual conference.

      He screwed me royally on a
      benefits issue, and blew it off by telling me basically to
      "shut up and go bill some more".


      There. I feel better now. :-)

      As far as all the
      other negative comments on this board, I am still here
      after many years, making good money and still proud of
      my company. I wish the stock price was higher, but
      we're doing our part in the field. Not much else we can
      do, unless you want to sit around here and gripe all

    • As a long time employee and shareholder I am
      outraged that a so called
      "employee" of this company
      would take an internal memo meant for our own
      and immediately send it to this message board. I
      consider this person
      to be contributing to the
      problems we have as opposed to helping us get
      them. First of all, I'd like to know why this person is
      using company
      assets for their personal opinions?
      In addition, why is this being done on
      time? (this message was composed last night at home!)
      if this person feels so strongly about our current

      management's performance ( and they have made MANY screwups
      relating to
      kforce, branding, etc) they should do what
      any shareholder is entitled to the
      Board of Directors! This message board has become a
      vehicle for many cowards who use it's
      anonymity to hide behind,. Airing out
      our dirty laundry
      here will not change dunkel but what it will do is
      make a
      bad situation worse, both for those
      employees who do spend their time during
      the day
      actually working as well as to our investors and analysts
      who react
      by dropping our price. How will that
      help morale? Let's try to change things
      sending constructive suggestions to the BOD, dunkel and
      the division
      presidents. If they still won't
      change, vote with your feet and leave...and
      quickly. With the market as strong as it is, we should all
      be spending
      our time running our own businesses
      (yes, you really do work for yourself
      here if you
      are on commission and you do not need the kforce site
      in order to
      make alot of money here! Just take a
      look at those top 20% who are generating 80% of our
      revenue---they don't have time to post!!!). If we can channel
      the time spent on this board
      during the day into
      the placement business, our numbers will speak for

      themselves and the street will recognize our potential.
      Therefore, I
      consider what Bumble bb did to be an act
      that hurt our people and we should
      have corporate
      find out who they are and then get rid of them. They
      are a
      cancer that we don't need. While others are
      trying to remain positve and
      focused, this
      individual is reading the board. Unbelievable!

      • 2 Replies to Saustin00
      • I agree that internal memos should not be placed
        in public domain. I would think that things like
        this should be covered under the confidentially
        agreement and be terms for dismissal.

        I have seen
        this 20/80 statement before. If this is actual,(not
        just a belief), then it seems that we could reduce
        staff by 80%, that a 20% cut in revenue, and suddenly
        be very profitable.

        Not trying to argue, just
        want to know how valid this numbers actually are. I
        work in the field and don't see this type of

        I also know that when people leave their accounts
        are handed off to someone else. How much of the
        revenue generated by the "top 20 percent" is actually
        legacy revenue?

      • justfunnininthesunnin justfunnininthesunnin Jun 26, 2000 10:06 AM Flag

        at kforce, but have $$ tied to it. There have
        been quite a few good recommendations coming from this
        board - even if some of them are mixed in with the
        anger/insults. Some, like myself don't work not all
        folks on this board are violating some sacred

        The biggest recommendation is to get Dunkle to stop
        running the company as if it is a small good-ol'- boy
        friendship cirle. Make decisions based on the good of the
        company and not his close circle of friends.

        second is to cut out NOW all wasteful spending and
        investing in areas that are NOT core to the real business
        that kforce is in - like the kforce Consulting group,
        perhaps the (like the concept but the
        implementation was so bad I think they will have to double their
        investment by starting from scratch to get it working - and
        they don't have the time right now).

        The next
        suggestion is to pare down all non-profitable groups - get
        them closed, get the fixed expenses off the

        The fourth - get rid of the traveling internal
        meetings, and redundant paperwork - give your recruiters
        time to sell - not fill in papework.

        Hire well
        - Marines make good workers, but not fast ramp ups
        for this business - they don't have the background
        and network for fast turnover.

        Next - fix your
        comp plan - if the individual doesn't have a direct
        responsibility or duty in a particular placement, they shouldn't
        get compensated for it.

        Next - reduce the
        layers of managers - for example, some said their were 4
        managers in kforce Consulting from Florida for about 25 -
        30 consultants - I heard this weekend it was more
        like 7 - 8 (Manager A who reports to Director of
        Strategic Consulting, who reports to VP Delivery + 4 -5
        Managing Consultants who report to one of 2 - 3 Managers
        of 3 regions in Fl, who in turn report to Director
        of South region, who reports to VP Delivery, plus
        all of the financial, networking, etc...
        managers/Directors based in Tampa -- there simply too many cooks in
        this kitchen!).

        Finally - communicate to your
        company and stockholders. The longer we are left to
        guess...the more we may speculated in the wrong direction! I
        haven't met Dunkle, but I hear he is a rather dynamic guy
        - use that talent to talk to your people and your

        These are just a few of the recommendations I have seen
        on the board - they may not have been stated nicely
        - but lets face it, they have been repeated over
        and over with no one listening for months -- and they
        are just basic business rules!

    • Why would you, obviously an employee or knowing
      someone who is an employee put out that conference call
      note? If it is meant for employees it should stay that
      way, if it is meant for investors it would be noted as
      such. If you hate your job or the direction of the
      company so much, why would you stay there? They must be
      doing something right otherwise you would have left
      long ago...

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