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  • crappyspeller crappyspeller Oct 10, 2000 11:30 AM Flag

    Pat can you margin

    a stock under $3?

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    • >>Still shorting as I think this one has
      alot more to drop

      Curious as to why you would
      think that. The book value is still $4.75 per share. I
      should think that it should recover to that at some

    • Sure, but why would you want to do that? You
      don't need any money to short this stock and its
      history is a long slow downward spiral (with exception to
      the maniac euphoria some experienced around superbowl
      time - highlight was the 'dotcom flush'). Just think
      of it as a nice retirement fund building up over a
      long period of time.

      Given some's comments
      about the negative attitude towards the company and the
      past philosophy of hiring the best and somehow growing
      the rest, you'd think there are a bunch of dotes
      running around cackling like chickens and barking like
      seals while balancing beachballs on their snouts. Is it
      because of low self-esteem?

      BTW: Why was this
      company once called FMA???? What is FMA? I'll have to
      look into this given I'm still waiting for this blimp
      to run out of hot air.


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      • FMA...Future Millionaires of America....isn't that the worst thing you've ever heard?! Can you imagine actually telling people that is the name of the company you work for??

      • I believe FMA stood for Future Millionaires of
        America. Not sure, but I believe it is what Dave and his
        original partners chose as a name when they first started
        their Romac franchise. Originally all of the franchises
        were DBA's. How about that stock price??? Who would
        have thought it would be this low, especially in the
        days we were at $32/sh. Should have exercised my
        options when I had a chance to make some money, but I got
        the "don't exercise your options" email, and
        unfortunately, read it! Something about them being "long term
        wealth creation tools". The only tool was me for

    • Crappy,

      You cannot margin any security under $5.

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