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  • texasrosealways texasrosealways Nov 29, 2000 12:50 PM Flag

    Why so quiet?

    Beside the spam on this board, it's gotten awfully quiet! Que pasa, amigos e amigas?

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    • Hooty,

      It must be the gene pool. 90% of the people who live in Forida came from somewhere else; mostly New York or Chicago.

    • I sincerely believe that every one is amused by
      the Florida election's ironic that
      the KFRC debacle is brought to you by the same people
      from the great state of FloridAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

      If it's not sun stroke, it must be the gene pool.

    • Eh? If you hadn't figure it out, I'm no longer
      associated with da Force anymore, either, but that doesn't
      mean I don't idly speculate, now and again, about
      them's that came and went, yourself included! So THERE!

    • Mr. Graham is running his own business now. (so I
      am told)..

      Let's not (and I am sure he would
      agree) associate him with KForce at this time. We all
      eventually have to move on.... So let him!

    • I goofed... I worked for a bunch of CFOs during
      my tenure... and I know where to find them, and it
      wasn't them I really meant, anyway... I was just idly
      wondering what the former C-I-O is up to... sorry!

    • Well, as a result of the dutch auction offer, I
      think the company set both a floor and a ceiling for
      the price of the stock for a while. With the stock
      price frozen, what else is there to talk about. Perhaps
      we can speculate on the signifcance of the company's
      HQ being located in the same state that has taken
      our presidental election hostage.

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      • Wahl now, podner... you can't really blame FL,
        I'd have to take a bit of a risk in pointing out that
        we all appear to be being held hostage to the
        outsized sense of entitlement on the part of one of the
        candidates for the Office of President of the good ole US of
        A. It brings to mind a different time, and an
        otherwise tortured individual, one Richard (Dick) Nixon,
        and how HE handled a similar situation... whoops, I
        will now be accused of getting off

        Back to what's shaking?

    • I have no wish to invade that individual's privacy, I was just making "idle conversation".
      Thanks just the same.

    • It's probably because everyone has given up on this piece of crap comapany. Hopefully people at Kforce will get a clue and move on to other more profitable ventures.

    • NO KIDDING!!! Guess the big boost in Kfarce stock price made all the 'smart' employees happy. I haven't seen where any consultants have had to sell their mobilehomes on their lakes lots.

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      • I've posted on this board a few times, but not
        lately because there has been little value to even
        visiting this board. I work in a large market. We are
        having a very good year, as we did last year and the
        year before that during the merger. We have dedicated
        employees. They care about their performance and they're
        proud to work for kforce. Oh, and most of them make a
        very nice W2 income, work in nice offices and utilize
        and appreciate the technology they're provided. Our
        market is not unique.
        If you are a professional
        recruiter, the setup for success at kforce is excellent,
        provided you have a good attitude and your local culture
        is halfway decent. I'm pretty sure the people in our
        market don't often visit this site.

        No one is
        happy about the stock price. But we're not obsessed by
        it either. We know that we have to continue to do
        our part if it is to rise anyways. And, unlike others
        who no longer work here, we've got better things to
        do than share in ideal gossip.

        have a right to question executive management based on
        our stocks performance. They are ultimately
        responsible. But they are not the only ones that need to be
        questioned. Have we delivered in the field on our target
        numbers? Not in most markets or business units. Why? What
        gives? Apathy? Lack of purpose? "You're a victim of
        circumstance?" Is it just too hard nowadays?

        Hurray to
        the individuals and markets having great years. Keep
        it up. To everyone else, lead, follow, or get out of
        the way.

      • From what I understand, everyone has quit talking
        & started producing! Revenues are headed upward in
        what is supposed to be a down quarter. IMHO look for a
        big pop first quarter 2001. Now back to work!!

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