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  • jim6b jim6b Sep 9, 2010 8:18 PM Flag

    OPTT's Launchophobia

    Launchophobia, the fear of launching brought about by hyped expectations and poor preparation.

    Results in continually putting off the dreaded event while proclaiming great confidence.

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    • Strikes AGAIN!

    • Now two years after first being diagnosed, OPTT's launchophobia has a new symptom.

      The demand for more government funds BEFORE the launch. Now that is real creative launchophobia. And what reason do they give for their new demand: weather risk, i.e. the fear it will sink due to bad weather!

      Real clever guys . . . keep passing those risks off on the taxpayer.

    • Yup....they CHICKENED OUT again


    • Launchophobia strikes again as OPTT's chickens out and pushes out luanch 6 months for fear of bad weather.

      So what's going to be their excuse in 2Q of 2013?

    • Like I've said, many a time, jimbo engages in illegal foment whenever he wants or needs the price lower. Hopefully the market will give him the bloody nose and empty account balance he deserves.

    • You have no evidence to support any of your assertions regarding the performance of the PB 150, just flat statements.

    • What's the problem?

      You have to ask?

      The problem is construct has halted!

      The project is incomplete!

      The PowerBouy is any empty hulk and has been for a year and will be for another (provided that OPTT doesn't further delay the schedule Summer 2012 launch yet again).

      The claim the Scotland PB "is working perfectly by all accounts" is false. The inner workings of that PB, specifically the power take off, has been scarped. The reason for the most recent one year delay the Oregon PB is stated to be the redesign of the power take off used in the Scotland PB. You don't fix something that's not broken.

      The need to push out the development and hoped for commercialization another year certainly is an indication the Scotland PB has failed to perform to expectations. With the competition already years ahead of OPTT, every additional delay could be fatal.

      If you haven't noticed, OPTT is running out of money in two years.

      You would think OPTT would do every thing possible to avoid delays, so when there is a major delay, the inference is clear. Something went wrong . . . big time.

    • From what they have stated in CC and releases... The PB 150 buoy itself is completed. The internals are being tested in New Jersey. The PB 150 in Scotland works perfectly by all accounts. What's the problem?

    • Wow, coursonic do you still need to have it proven to you that OPTT had halted production of the Oregon PB back in the Summer of '10?

      Not only was it halted over a year ago, a fact you totally missed, but construction has not resumed yet and is planned to be only completed for a mid '12 launch.

      Wow, talk about missing the boat.

      You are not know has Mr. Offcourse for nothing.

    • Heeeeeerz Greggy

      Re: [SunGrid] Re: Round cells [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

      Hi Kevin,

      Energy must always have a source. After a lot of research I concluded the very small apparent energy gain measured in the SMOT was actually coming from ambient heat via the magnetocaloric effect. I still have a SMOT device so if anybody stops by to visit, I can haul out it out and do a demonstration.

      Here is a video clearly showing the SMOT delivered an energy gain to the rolling ball.
      Once this was done, the question was where did the energy gain come from. I then thought, as did a lot of others, that the source was from the spinning electrons of the aligned the iron atoms that created the magnetic field. I now know it came from ambient heat.

      Many folks never really listen to my theories of where I thought the energy was coming from. I never claimed it was perpetual motion. Instead I thought / hoped I had found a way to directly tap into the energy of the trillions of spinning electrons in the aligned iron atoms. But instead all I had developed was a very inefficient way to convert a very small amount of ambient heat energy into kinetic energy.


      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Kevin Tory
      Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2007 3:34 PM
      Subject: RE: [SunGrid] Re: Round cells [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

      Hi H,

      Does Greg say the SMOT creates free energy? Or does he say it works and he does not know how? I can't remember what is was Greg posted in his defence. Could it be that when set up correctly this unit uses the earth's magnetic field or something else to overcome friction. I have not seen the device so I will not judge Greg or the product.

      If Greg was claiming that energy was being created from nothing, then I would be very sceptical, because it violates some well accepted laws of physics. The link you gave appears to be a list of ramblings from people with opinions. The scientific approach must be to keep an open mind at all times. We can voice our scepticism, but back up the scepticism with facts, theory and hypotheses, not opinions.


      From: on behalf of sunut07
      Sent: Fri 29/06/2007 9:14 PM
      Subject: [SunGrid] Re: Round cells [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

      Hi Kevin,

      O' I nearly forgot whilst you are doing your research, do not
      forget the SMOT device as it really works.

      It actually creates free energy like my SunCube -----

      What do you think about that Kev. ?


      --- In, "Greg Watson" <greg.watson@...>
      > Hi Kevin,
      > I suggest you also research the hidden agenda's of the sceptics.
      One of which has promised to destroy my business, take away all my
      customers, worldwide licensees, destroy me on internet forums while
      his engineers copy the SunCube and he doesn't give a toss about the
      NDA he signed. If he so wishes I can publish the email history
      including where he has told me of his plans and desires.
      > Me I'm very open, you know who I am and what I'm about. So be
      careful, there are those here who have no interest in a public CPV
      program and seek to take it all for themselves.
      > That said I'll help you guys where I can.
      > Greg

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