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    Wave Hub "plugged in" and open for business

    The pioneering Wave Hub marine energy project has been ‘plugged in’ for the first time since its installation over the summer and is officially open for business.

    Wave Hub has created the world’s largest test site for wave energy technology by building a grid-connected socket on the seabed 16 kilometres off the coast of Cornwall in South West England, to which wave power devices can be connected and their performance evaluated.

    Yesterday (November 2), the complete system underwent its first full test when it was connected to the grid network via a new substation that has been built at Hayle, where Wave Hub’s 33kV cable comes ashore.

    Wave Hub’s general manager Guy Lavender, speaking today at the RenewableUK annual conference and exhibition in Glasgow, said: “We’ve been continually testing the integrity of the whole system during the installation process but yesterday was the first time it was fully energised and plugged in to the grid, and I’m delighted to say that it went without a hitch.

    “From today the system will be permanently energised and monitored, so Wave Hub is well and truly open for business.”

    The penultimate stage of Wave Hub’s installation is expected to be completed today (Nov 3) when the last of 177 concrete ‘mattresses’ is laid on top of the subsea cable. The 25 kilometre cable is buried under the seabed to around five kilometres offshore and thereafter has been covered with 91,000 tonnes of rock. The mattresses are being laid at regular intervals on top of the rock to ensure the cable is secure.

    Next week a marker buoy will be installed to record Wave Hub’s position, and that will be the final part of the physical installation.

    The £42 million Wave Hub project has been developed by the South West RDA (Regional Development Agency) and is a cornerstone of its strategy to develop a world class marine energy industry in South West England and the UK.

    Guy Lavender added: “There has been some speculation about Wave Hub's future given that the South West RDA is due to be abolished by March 2012. But the future of Wave Hub and its ongoing operation are not in doubt, and the project is fully funded as we continue to seek commercial customers.

    “What we don't yet know is who will own the asset when the RDA is gone, and that is being discussed. But that has no impact on Wave Hub's continued role as a vital facility for the development of the wave energy industry in the UK and overseas.”

    Wave Hub’s first customer will be Ocean Power Technologies, using its PowerBuoy wave energy converter.

    Wave Hub consists of a 12-tonne steel chamber on the seabed in 55 metres of water some 16kms offshore connected to land via an armoured subsea cable. The chamber splits the main subsea cable into four 300 metre ‘tails’, each of which serves one of the four berths available at Wave Hub.

    The project holds a 25-year lease on an eight square kilometre area of sea, and each berth measures 1km by 2km. The Wave Hub site boasts one of the best wave climates in Europe and the system has a capacity of 20MW, but is designed to be scaled up to 50MW in the future.

    Wave Hub is being funded with £12.5 million from the South West RDA, £20 million from the European Regional Development Fund Convergence Programme and £9.5 million from the UK government.



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    • July 8 2011


      Green energy leaders claim a £20 million Government fund to kickstart the Westcountry's marine energy sector is a "drop in the ocean".

      But the lobby group Renewable UK has warned that £20 million is "insufficient".


      Renewable UK say the sector needs other urgent measures, including a further £60 million funding from the Green Investment Bank, support from new regional enterprise zones, and a sharp increase in subsidies for the marine sector for energy fed into the national grid.

      Maria McCaffery, chief executive of Renewable UK, said: "The first generation of marine energy projects is likely to cost £80 million per 10 megawatt (MW) scheme, and we need at least three or four projects to drive costs down and achieve the best technical solutions to maintain our premier global position in this field.

      "So £20 million is a good start - but it's only a drop in the ocean."

      source:Western Morning News
      Description:Award-winning daily newspaper serving South-West England, with strong local news coverage. Country of origin: United Kingdom

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