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  • teebrane teebrane Oct 10, 2011 11:18 AM Flag

    Short pigs to get slaughtered....

    I think the street has played this swindle pretty well...they have a whole bunch of wanna-be-wise-guys owing shares, and a whole lot of cash held by wanna-be-right-guys waiting to pick the bottom and accelerate the reversal. Some sort of stimulus is coming, since the party of the 1% needs customers and income more than they need historically low tax rates, and really don't want to give "Give 'Em Hell" Barry any more ammo.

    And then the street squeezes until shorty wishes he'd never been born, exceeding 13000 on DJIA / 1400 on the S&P, and sending small caps to silly valuations - they have ready-made "buyers" trapped by the risk at play in the shorts the thought were a sure thing.

    A very high cost in their "Obama derangement syndrome meets schadenfreude" bets...but the money has to come from somewhere, and nothing makes a rally quite like shorts who finally get that they're being played for fools by the folks with better information about who's strategically vulnerable.

    In the end, the street ends up with free shares to sell to the late to the party longs in Q1, and the cycle repeats....Occupy, Wall Street, Occupy....quick, while the hippies are pre-occupied!

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