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    Autonomous power capabilities 10kw

    Ocean Power Technologies Autonomous Power Buoy® (APB) converts ocean wave energy into useable electrical power for remote and near-shore at-sea applications, where shore power is unavailable or inaccessible. The APB has been proven effective and reliable in sea trials and can be tailored to meet the weight, volume and power generation requirements for a wide variety of marine, mariculture, scientific, communications, maritime safety, homeland security, and military applications.

    Advantages of APB Technology
    • Powered by the endless source of ocean waves
    • Completely autonomous (independent of shore power) and not grid-connected
    • Environmentally benign
    • Station keeping capability
    • Ocean going “platform” for mounting communications and instrumentation
    • Accommodates and powers various payloads
    • Provides a stable communications & instrument platform including cell phones, allowing “Talk on Water”™ capability
    • Easily deployed and retrieved in all water
    • Able to utilize various anchor and mooring
    • Designed for long term ocean survivability
    • Low life-cycle costs

    Click here to read about our recent deployment and see video.

    Autonomous PowerBuoy Applications

    • Remote sensing & communications • Oceanographic observatories
    • Vessel detection & tracking • Geophysical sea bed sensing
    • Powering sonar & radar systems • Coast Guard buoys for maritime safety
    • Powering sonar & radar systems

    Ocean Power Technologies Typical Autonomous PowerBuoys

    Continuous Power APB Class
    5 - 20 watts
    150 - 200 watts
    5kw- 10kw

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