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  • gowatson80 gowatson80 May 8, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

    The NEW WAVE of Green Power

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    From: Greg Watson
    To: Vortex
    Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2012 12:56 AM
    Subject: [Vo]:Re: Magnetic motor generators

    Hi Guys
    We have been informed that a company named Eagle Research is in violation of patents owned by my company Watson Alternative Neutron Kinetics P/l

    See text below....

    "As soon as we have enough money to build and test the prototypes (see sidebar thermometer), I must SHUT OFF this offer. This is the agreement that the inventor and I have made. Eagle-Research will make plans available again ONLY if he and I come to a new agreement AFTER the testing is done.
    Only the people who make this donation now will continue to have access to the Eagle-Research Nowling Motor Resources and any continuing research after the shut off.
    So... if you want the full plans (and access to later updates), this may be your only chance. And it will CERTAINLY be your only chance at this price. Once tested, and if the plans work, the price will be much higher.
    We are providing the plans by donation BECAUSE they are not tested or proven in any way. We are giving you everything we know to date, partly to obtain the funding we need to build and test a prototype but also to get the plans out into at least 300 hands in case they DO WORK! So Vested Interest can't stop THIS Free Energy technology.
    The funds you provide will reimburse expenses already incurred and then pay for the time, prototype parts, assembly, testing, customer corespondence and posting a report to the Resources. The budget for all of this is $4000.
    You can donate more than once by putting a higher number in the quantity field below.
    I am commited to proceeding with the project as soon as the $4000 goal is reached"

    .Eagle-Research will shortly be receiving a legal summonds from our legal council.
    This is a blatant attempt to duplicate my Rotary Smot Overunity Levitation Energiser - ( R.SOLE™) invention which is protected by over 19 International patents and has already been marketed around the world and generated several million dollars in revenue for Watson Alternative Neutron Kinetics P/l
    We will have no hesitation in prosecuting those in violation of the Intellectual Property rights which are tightly held by our company.
    I am greatly disappointed that any company would seek to rip off my invention which represents over 400 man-years of cutting edge technology at the coal face of engineering research aimed to break the monopoly held by big oil and flat panel solar companies.

    My legal team has assured me that I am 100% certain to win this case and be awarded many millions of dollars in damages.
    I intend to donate all the proceeds to worthy causes such as underprivileged airline passengers who are forced to travel in economy class and stay in 4 star hotels.

    I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those members of Vortex who have given me financial support in perfecting my SMOT marketing scheme which the first major commercial success for our company and allowed us to move forward with the SunBall (Mark 1 to 73) and also the SunCube (Mark 5to 87)

    Best Regards
    Greg Watson

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