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  • mulletman99 mulletman99 Jan 31, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    40 MILLION SHELF news outlets have covered this, #$%$ ??? is this going to dilute ? good or bad ???

    It will MOST DEFINITELY is that even a question, when they are doubling the number of shares outstanding?

    A sly little offering......glad I havent bought back in yet.

    but.........its getting close!!!!

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    • m.

      No way to make money long. Company will do Oregon splash and rush out an offering that kills the spike. Short side is pretty easy . . . if keef hadn't absorbed all the shares available.

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      • Yes, that's right.
        I spent all my pocket money and my play lunch.
        Now I'll just have to sell smack to the 1st graders again.

      • And by the WAY overestimate Keef. He doesnt work all that much and doesnt have the money or interest to play the market.

        He sees himself is the great scam buster....put on this earf to save all from scams only he can see.

      • Hey jim.......I dont play this thing long......I trade it. I buy when its low and sell the pops.

        I see it the exact same way you do. The PB in the water in Oregon will cause a pop. They will time the offering right after this pop. I will sell the pop, unless something changes between now and then.

        Not buying until $1.75.....thats my target.

        I know you covered after the last big announcement......did you re-short yet, or are you waiting for the PB in the water announcement?

        We seem to be timing this thing the same with our on the long end, you on the short. Perhaps we should both be doing both.....since they are both money making trades.

    • sm121881 Jan 31, 2013 3:45 PM Flag

      if they sell the shares to buy a utility or to produce these damn buoys ...and if its gets sold for around the $2 price range it at least validates that price, dilute or no dilute if they can sell say 10/20 million dollars worth of stock and use that $$ to make a solid revenue stream im pretty happy with 10k worth at 2 bucks a share.......long term how can you go wrong, great technology they have and GREAT partners !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • The PB40 was only a prototype (sorry about the waste of munny)\
        The PB150 hydraulic was only a prototype
        The PB150 Elektrik was only a prototype

        We haven't even designed the PB500 yet but it's only a prototype so don't you worry about that.

        What we have designed, built and fully tested is a FUR KING GREAT BIG SCAM.

        Thanks for all the munny suckers....can we have some more pretty please?

        (I might be a bit rude, but I'm nowhere near as offensive as this filthy scam masquerading as an environmental breakthrough)

        It's a LOAD OF OLD B0110CKS!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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